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| Posted in | Posted on Friday, May 31, 2013

My dad turned 65 yesterday! I'm so thankful to still have him around. I didn't join my family's annual trip to Antipolo Churh so I didn't see him until the dinner I set up. Nothing fancy but we love this place! Banana Leaf makes me happy. :)
 photo IMG_1316_zpsca97a03f.jpg

My eldest brother's kids glued to their tablets.
 photo IMG_1317_zpsead4c2e0.jpg

2 orders of each please!
 photo IMG_1318_zps5c3c2e80.jpg

 photo IMG_1319_zpsc3246150.jpg

 photo IMG_1320_zps40b3d477.jpg

 photo IMG_1321_zps23b4daca.jpg

 photo IMG_1322_zps7c0f5170.jpg

Happy birthday, daddy. I love you!
 photo IMG_1324_zps5ff380ad.jpg

Headed to The Powder Room's Zambooki Fridays after the Puma Mobium launch. This is the best way to kill time while waiting for Friday heavy traffic on EDSA to disappear before going home. Coffee liquor and dope beats galore!
 photo IMG_1387_zps6cb50e84.jpg

 photo IMG_1389_zpse3fa5371.jpg

DJ Wreck One.
 photo IMG_1390_zps2360813f.jpg

Abdul and Erica.
 photo IMG_1397_zpsa910925f.jpg

DJ Teaze, Chrizo and Margaux.
 photo IMG_1399_zpse0406d9c.jpg

Puma Mobium Elite.
 photo IMG_1401_zpsb0a4a7a2.jpg

I'm not sure what happened here but I think I need a new memory card. (no, it's not a built-in Canon app)
 photo IMG_1402_zps3748f34f.jpg

Thea mentioned how good the food truck Shawarma Bros is at Glorietta 3 Parkway. I wasn't even hungry yet but I tried it anyway. Peep their schedule HERE.
 photo IMG_1404_zpsc7ea5afe.jpg

The photo doesn't do this meal justice. Lamb over rice with garlic yogurt sauce and chili tomato is BOMB DIGGITY!
 photo IMG_1405_zps74143599.jpg

Now I'm getting hungry again just thinking about Shawarma Bros.

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