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| Posted in | Posted on Saturday, June 01, 2013

For the past month this has been hanging from the side of my flat ass. I got tired of using a DSLR so I switched back to a point and shoot camera. It's the smallest camera I have ever owned and I'm happy with the photos and HD videos it shoots. Great in low light and I can sneak it in everywhere! Now if I can just figure out how to transfer photos to another device using the Wi-Fi feature.

Say hello to my Canon S110!
 photo IMG_1491_zps29e5a208.jpg

Where did I buy it from? The Gadget Hub. Check out their facebook page HERE. I got it 35% cheaper than mall retail price!

I wanted THIS HUF camo camera case from we Legendary but he sold the last piece to Bembol. It took me a few days before I found the perfect pouch. Saw a kiosk selling a bunch of cellphone/laptop/tablet cases in the newly remodeled Glorietta 1 & 2. The brand is called Halo Mobile Clothing. You can check out the official site HERE.  
 photo IMG_1497_zps1f97458e.jpg

Not bad for 249 pesos!
 photo IMG_1496_zps6b297c08.jpg

I'm such a sucker for great deals.


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