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| Posted in | Posted on Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Can't let Filipino American History Month pass without supporting a Filipino-owned local establishment. Meow meow, Musang!



| Posted in | Posted on Tuesday, October 19, 2021

I first saw these on END and SNS early this year but with a price tag of $160, I had to pass and wait for them to go on sale. Fast forward to last week, an ad popped up on my social media feed featuring the same shoes and to my surprise, they only retailed for $120. I pulled the trigger right away when I saw not many sizes were available and only 1 size US10.5 was left. (They run small, hence the size bump.)

I was able to use a 30% discount that I've had since June and paired it with a Rakuten 10% cashback. Patience does truly pay off, eh? 



| Posted in | Posted on Sunday, October 17, 2021

Former Philippine actress turned fitness guru and @wendellvans' homegirl Michelle Madrigal is in town for the weekend.  As soon as I saw her post a bowl of wonton soup yesterday lunch time, I hit up Wendell to ask Michelle where the spot was. I tried asking her myself but she doesn't follow me on IG and she probably doesn't remember me even though we all partied together in Manila many moons ago, lol. Thankfully, she replied with the quickness so off to International District/Chinatown we go!



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Public transportation + night out = 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 (No need for a designated driver!)



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Such an odd way to hit. I didn't even want them at first but I for some odd reason I was up at 3 am so I was like alright I might as well stay up until 4 am and try for a pair. When it was go time I was able to quickly add my size to my cart but everything kept freezing and timing out during the checkout process. Weird but I never got the queue window like how most of you did. Shop Pay was tripping so I checked out as guest but then made the mistake of auto-filling my shipping details. I used my card but with ze wife's billing address. Surprisingly, after a 20 minutes of trying, the transaction went through!

The shipping label was created the next day but 4 days had lapsed before my order was shipped out. Surprisingly, it only took 2 days to go from the Netherlands to Germany to Seattle to my doorstep!



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This came in the mail yesterday just in time for game of 2 of the NLDS between my San Francisco Giants and the Los Angeles Dodgers (BOOOOO!). It was part of's exclusive New Era 59FIFTY All-Star Game Decades Collection that dropped on October 5. 

I just had to pick up this hat because I was there outside AT&T Park for the All-Star Game in 2007, the same year when I became a fan after taking my eldest son to see his first MLB game a few months prior. It was also the same season when Barry Bonds set the record for most career home runs. 

I'm just not sure if I'll ever be okay with paying $50 for a fitted hat, though.



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What's SPOOKYSZN without a trip to a horror/haunted house for a proper scare? Listen to this 9 minute audio recording of 4 scaredy cats (Me, ze wife, Adrian and Alex) human-centepeding our way thru Seattle's Georgetown Morgue Haunted House. It was so worth the 2.5 hour wait!



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You know it's free to visit the Seattle Art Museum every first Thursday of the month?