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| Posted in | Posted on Thursday, July 31, 2008

So I unearthed about a dozen or so pairs of sneakers from my almost forgotten stash (or what's left of it) in the basement and I found these beauties. Nike Dunk Low Pro "Olives," only one of a few non-SB Doinks with stuffed tongues from 2002/2003. I remember a long thread on unstuffing tongues with the help of a box cutter in the Retro Forum of World-renowned sneaker customizer Methamphibian bravingly unstuffed his wheat Dunk highs and posted photos on the same thread. It was like, WHOA!

Slight yellowing on the soles + 100% of the stars on the bottom still present + creased toe box + fresh white round laces = PERFETTO

It's the first day of my most favorite month.

The next 31 days should be fun.




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This is why you should wear your Air Jordans especially when you live in a country like the Philippines.

Should I send these to the BLENDER DUDE?

My all-time fav. DUST IN PEACE.

Around $1,000 worth of sneakers down the drain.

My advice?

Same as Ceddie's.

It's better to deal with dust than molds.

Let them breathe and wear your shoes, kiddies.

That's what they're for.



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I bought this desk on Monday after I got rid of a bulky twin study table and second bed which occupied half of my room. I also got some old shelves from the basement and I'm looking to paint it soon to match my desk. My next purchase - a leather couch I can chill on while watching television (which I rarely do).

My space is now roomier and VERY me.

I love it.

Should I have my floor painted like the Louis Vuitton Damier print?

List updated
2. New bed
3. Shelves
4. Table
5. Leather couch
6. Window blinds
7. New floor
8. New life



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Typhoon Fung Wong didn't stop skate enthusiasts from attending weLegendary's grand opening on Sunday. I arrived at the venue around 8pm when the skate competition was already done and Mark was giving his thank you speech while handing out prizes. The skate demo went on 'til 11pm then the real after party started.

We headed to 408 which was transformed into a VIP section. It still flatters me how Specks hooked it up with some good drinks and exclusive food while the rest of his guests enjoyed San Miguel Light, Red Horse, kebabs and empanada. Good lookin' out, man!

Shout outs to Raymund Marasigan, Mong Alcaraz, John Dinopol and the rest of the talented and entertaining people I met at the event.

Watch out for weLegendary on MTV Philippines, FHM Philippines, Manila Bulletin and Seventeen Magazine.

Don't forget to visit the store for your skating needs.

77 Kamuning Road, Don Raul Bldg.
Quezon City, Metro Manila

On with the photos...

The store

Get your copies now!

Outside fun

Dude on the right is a famous rockstar. What up Mong!


weLegendary from kingcrux31 on Vimeo.

Stockroom VIP. Chillin' with NIMBUSNINE's brother, Oto (sp?). Dude has the funniest story about the infamous club EMBASSY.

Wall of fame

This is love

With the Mr. and Mrs. Specks

The after party special

Late night grub. BK Steakhouse Burger. Looks soooooooo much better on the poster.

Sleeping Satellite

Thanks weLegendary!



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Dolla dolla bill y'aauhhhaaaauhhhhahhhauhhhhll


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I'm getting good at what I do so I decided to reward myself with a fresh white AAA Tee and undeadstocked my Air Jordan XX3s.

I love free stuff.

3-day weekend.

Woo hoo!



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I went to my favorite place to go grocery shopping on Sunday and I was disappointed with what I saw. I haven't been to this place in months so I was surprised to see the place being remodeled. I didn't even stay long. I grabbed what I came for and left. I won't go back to this place until they're done.

So fresh and so clean

The best socks in the world. I love new socks.

Been wanting 'em since '96. Word to Pharcyde.

Wishful thinking

TOTAL DAMAGE: 2,200 pesos



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10,000 HITS.

Not bad, eh?

wL SS is a GO


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Fellow sneakerhead and skate enthusiast SPECKS is doing big things with the launch of weLegendary skateshop.

Raffle. Skate demo. New faces. Hang out. Shop.

I'll be there, and so should you.

What: weLgendary skateshop GRAND OPENING
When: Sunday July 27,2008. Registration for skate competition - 1pm to 3pm (limited slots)
Where: Unit 102 Don Raul Bldg. 77 Kamuning Rd., Quezon City



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After over a month of training, I finally hit the floor.

How was it?

One word. DISASTER.

I've never been so lost. The system is confusing.

To make things worse, I get home late only to find out that my eldest son is sick. I can't even visit him because of existing court orders.

I started the day OPTIMISTIC. I was raring to go.

Now I'm in tears.




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HD2015 has to be the craziest release I've ever been to. I've never seen Nike Park The Fort packed with so many hopefuls who brought their whole barangay just to increase their chances in winning a pair. I know about a dozen heads who brought with them 15-20 relatives/friends each. Unbelievable. There were so many people I thought for a second there Nike Philippines was giving away a DeLorean DMC-12.

I arrived at the venue around 7:30pm, dropped my brother and his crew off, parked and headed to the store. PCRIZZZY was waiting for me in line and Jon Herrera was behind him. Behind Jon were my brother and his minions. After PCRIZZZY put his name down, the clip board was handed to me by the staff but Jon tried to give me a hard time (coz he thought I cut the line) and we exchanged some heated words. I can't believe dude was catching feelings over a line that wasn't first-come, first-served and only 15 heads deep. We squashed the animosity 2 minutes later. What up Jon! Saw some familiar and new faces. NTPI is hella growing. Also met some good people reppin' I S S.

Shout outs to (in no particular order) NT'ers feathertouch, bigballer23, Flashout, jeddahblaster, maxtempo (finally!), iggie, Marcuskicks, jeyps, soleXchange, foshizzles, LIVESTRONG and also to Jon Herrera and Mars Miranda. I know I'm missing a bunch of names because I must've said what up to at least 100 people that night. If you don't see your name here, email or YM me. I seriously suck at remembering names.

When it was finally my turn to draw, there were only several keys left inside the box. Unfortunately, I didn't get the GOLDEN KEY. Jon did (he was after me). If I wasn't such a nice person I would've demanded them to let me peep in the box after I got a silver key just to make sure there was really a golden key. It's all good though. I seriously think I was the only one who would've rocked them out the store with the alternate pink laces. If what LIVESTRONG posted is true, then it's such a shame because hundreds of people went out of their way to try their luck only to get got.

Maybe it was my luck (or lack of thereof). Maybe it was because people thought I had a pair of Vans on my feet (they were Verona Slip SBs). Maybe it was because I wasn't even supposed to be there (but I still rolled through to show support). Maybe it was because the shoe Gods were still mad at me for abandoning them. Oh well... 'til the next BIG release.

Thank you to Nike Philippines and Nike Park BHS for hosting the event. I suggest you guys provide some indurstrial fans next time ESPECIALLY when you've received early word on the huge number of people attending the release. Some free drinks would be nice too JUST TO KILL THE HEAT.

The set-up

NT in full effect.

What they wore

* SIGH *

Who's this dude right next to MarcusKicks rockin' an NT Tee underneath his hoodie?


Miss Mae looking good!

The after party


I didn't go home empty handed. Thanks man!

Want one? Visit