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| Posted in | Posted on Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The night that I saw a sexy fully restored matte vintage Camaro SS outside Imperial Ice Bar and jumped for joy because my favorite draft beer was back. Oh, I also got to chill with some cool peeps while jamming to sick beats. Soul Kitchen, yo!
 photo IMG_0823_zps598db3f2.jpg

ZOMG it's Julz! * FAINTS *
 photo IMG_0824_zps074be7b1.jpg

With Sanya.
 photo IMG_0825_zpsd54aa102.jpg

My loves Maria and Lala.
 photo IMG_0826_zps70d63ac1.jpg

I won 20 pesos!
 photo IMG_0827B_zps5d5410aa.jpg

Joey Too Fresh in the building.
 photo IMG_0828_zps65f08398.jpg

What up, D!
 photo IMG_0829_zps39923890.jpg

 photo IMG_0830_zps1045cee4.jpg

Miss Teaze in the middle.
 photo IMG_0833_zpse8e61eda.jpg

Such beautiful people.
 photo IMG_0834_zps931bc160.jpg

Soul Kitchen Goddesses.
 photo IMG_0835_zps11e87e66.jpg

 photo IMG_0836_zpse0cb7f12.jpg

 photo IMG_0838_zpsca6b1a0a.jpg

Those eyes.
 photo IMG_0839_zpsb73bafd4.jpg

Joey Too Cheese.
 photo IMG_0840_zpsf5b46e32.jpg

 photo IMG_0841_zps008dc420.jpg

Haven't seen this dude since last year! Say howdy to LBC's Nate Burkey.
 photo IMG_0842_zps56cb25b3.jpg

 photo IMG_0831B_zpsd63c1c73.jpg

Oh yeah, I would.


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