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Ain't no party like a Puma SIU MAI party! Shout outs to all those who rolled through and copped their pair/s (price so nice you had to buy twice). Also to the participants of the dim sum eating contest. I never thought I'd utter the words "SWALLOW IT" to a bunch of dudes. PAUSE. Last but not the least, biggest thank you to Puma and Sole Academy. That one was for the books. Yes folks, HYPEBEAST x Puma "The Dim Sum Project" was a success! Missed out on the event? Fret not, I got you covered. Photos galore and a video of the eating contest (bottom page). Enjoy. :)

Welcome to BEST IN CLASS.
 photo IMG_0540_zps650b80d8.jpg

Today's menu.
 photo IMG_0541_zps288842d4.jpg

 photo IMG_0542_zpsad7fa98c.jpg

 photo IMG_0543_zpse3101450.jpg

 photo IMG_0544_zps3085f7f3.jpg

Hypebeast x PUMA Blaze of Glory OG “Siu Mai”
 photo IMG_0545_zps9cf23fed.jpg

Hypebeast x PUMA Blaze of Glory LTWT “Har Gao”
 photo IMG_0546_zpsbc3135f7.jpg

Limited stocks.
 photo IMG_0547_zpsee53751b.jpg

Sole Academy all Puma'd out.
 photo IMG_0548_zps8cd4b0cd.jpg

 photo IMG_0549_zpsbc5cd1ac.jpg

 photo IMG_0550_zps6b68e653.jpg

 photo IMG_0551_zps3d79775c.jpg

 photo IMG_0552_zpsba37cab6.jpg

 photo IMG_0553_zps274e13be.jpg

 photo IMG_0554_zpsac442976.jpg

 photo IMG_0555_zps76912957.jpg

 photo IMG_0556_zps279dd7e6.jpg

Last time I saw this dude was my birthday! Say hello to Carlo aka TUKLAW.
 photo IMG_0557_zpse9e35e2b.jpg

Paolo Puma.
 photo IMG_0561_zps22a779e4.jpg

 photo IMG_0563_zpsd3dd7f08.jpg

Sole Movement.
 photo IMG_0565_zpsffd639c5.jpg

Migs Rocha.
 photo IMG_0566_zpsd7b8d0b9.jpg

Carlo Trillo.
 photo IMG_0568_zps3cd5a606.jpg

Eri Neeman.
 photo IMG_0569_zps45d80017.jpg

Kicks Spotting. (hem your jeans, dude)
 photo IMG_0570_zpsc885d190.jpg

Locker Room Legends.
 photo IMG_0573_zps0d3f1311.jpg

The Future.
 photo IMG_0574_zpscb003861.jpg

Paolo Puma. (hem your pants, dude)
 photo IMG_0575_zps36976433.jpg

Mobium! (coming soon)
 photo IMG_0576_zps55b8941e.jpg

Hypebeast x PUMA Blaze of Glory OG “Siu Mai” on my feet.
 photo IMG_0577_zpsb985b995.jpg

Rosario, Paolo, Tina and Carlo.
 photo IMG_0579_zpse487d0c9.jpg

C.R.E.A.M. Team.
 photo IMG_0580_zpsb307e90f.jpg

5.5Y (7 women's) is her size!
 photo IMG_0580B_zpsd76bbe3d.jpg

Free sneaks? Sounds good!
 photo IMG_0581_zpsee35d2dd.jpg

Freshly steamed.
 photo IMG_0582B_zpsdf5c5a49.jpg

Big size, great taste, surprisingly good.
 photo IMG_0583_zpsd6687b9d.jpg

Now you see it?
 photo IMG_0586_zps2e43f8fe.jpg

Who remembers these?
 photo IMG_0587_zps48fdc8fc.jpg

Celebrity challenge.
 photo IMG_0588_zps00546aa3.jpg

Martin, Paolo and Carlo with the winner, CJ the DJ from 89.9!
 photo IMG_0595_zpse91b37fa.jpg

Dude on the bottom left is a beast. (watch the video)
 photo IMG_0598_zps93a25d72.jpg

 photo IMG_0599_zps5f93b30c.jpg

Winner, winner, siu mai dinner.
 photo IMG_0601_zps44a09ce7.jpg

Free purrr, don't currr.
 photo IMG_0604_zpsafc3a947.jpg

Last batch winner G3!
 photo IMG_0607_zps0f50a46f.jpg

Oh yeah.
 photo IMG_0609_zps9fbfe85e.jpg

Worth the wait, ain't it?
 photo IMG_0610_zps885b388b.jpg

Can't stop, won't stop.
 photo IMG_0611_zps73011239.jpg

 photo IMG_0612_zps7a993832.jpg

Mr. Ty joining the action.
 photo IMG_0615_zps972dd743.jpg

I love these two!
 photo IMG_0616_zps95ced17d.jpg

Puma La Familia.
 photo IMG_0617B_zpsa1ada43f.jpg

Paolo and Martin.
 photo IMG_0618_zps8be3badb.jpg

Chili yes.
 photo IMG_0619_zpsb549a3c6.jpg

 photo IMG_0621_zps334f099f.jpg

Endless siu mai.
 photo IMG_0622_zps3c39807a.jpg

 photo IMG_0623_zps496c816d.jpg

 photo IMG_0624_zps1ee12d7f.jpg

What up Melly Mel!
 photo IMG_0627_zps49ab4cf4.jpg

@rikiflo with a house and a boat.
 photo IMG_0628_zpsde9354b9.jpg

All aboard!
 photo IMG_0629_zps086f05c7.jpg

Awww these two.
 photo IMG_0630_zpsd4f7b073.jpg

Doc Mon knows how sick these Hypebeast x PUMA joints are!
 photo IMG_0635_zps4713ff0e.jpg

Mackie Eat My GF with the birthday boy Your Daily Dose of Marc.
 photo IMG_0636_zpsc931802f.jpg

2 purrrz!
 photo IMG_0638_zps799172a8.jpg

Sole Licker.
 photo IMG_0639_zps35ee483a.jpg

Team LMS.
 photo IMG_0645_zps9bde03b7.jpg

Team LMS selfie + toothpick in mouth, lol. (no blur)
 photo IMG_0645B_zps126d7231.jpg

'Til the next one!
 photo IMG_0646_zpsfabb8573.jpg

Watch the video. (plus editing error)

Now I'm hungry for more dim sum.

Hit up Sole Academy for a pair of Hypebeast x PUMA Blaze of Glory OG “Siu Mai” / Blaze of Glory LTWT “Har Gao.” Only a few pairs remain!

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