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| Posted in | Posted on Thursday, May 30, 2013

The wait is over. After a slight delay, the Puma Mobium Elite is now available the Philippines. Check out what went down at the launch of the latest Puma running shoes held at Focus Athletics Gym on Pasong Tamo Road Extension. Prepare to run!
 photo IMG_1310_zpsfb8ad841.jpg

Before scrolling down to view the photos I suggest you click HERE to learn more about the Puma Mobium Elite.
 photo IMG_1311_zps34e2e122.jpg

 photo IMG_1312_zpsb637f4b7.jpg

Puma going the extra mile to give you better running shoes.
 photo IMG_1313_zpsc7cf120a.jpg

Mobium Band.
 photo IMG_1314_zpsb4450721.jpg

The goods.
 photo IMG_1327_zps3917b66c.jpg

 photo IMG_1328_zpsd42a4a5e.jpg

 photo IMG_1330_zpse54acc41.jpg

 photo IMG_1331_zpsa64cbb89.jpg

Alwin with the introduction.
 photo IMG_1332_zps6babd587.jpg

Puma Faas 350 on my feet.
 photo IMG_1333_zpsd37ee802.jpg

Thess discussing the history of Puma.
 photo IMG_1337_zpse93b7e5c.jpg

 photo IMG_1339_zpsaee78150.jpg

 photo IMG_1341_zps2d128b48.jpg

What I came here for.
 photo IMG_1345_zps97ef5da3.jpg

One word to describe this shoe. AMAZING.
 photo IMG_1348_zpsa90404ce.jpg

The Puma Mobium Elite blows away my other favorite Puma runners. (and they're great running shoes too)
 photo IMG_1350_zpsc1e77375.jpg

The difference is day and night.
 photo IMG_1352_zps86538b7c.jpg

Thanks, Paolo!
 photo IMG_1354B_zpsc58e5af0.jpg

"Bandz A Make Her Dance" (run)
 photo IMG_1355_zpsd876c67f.jpg

What every running shoe should be like.
 photo IMG_1356_zpsb2cd21b5.jpg

 photo IMG_1357_zps9100ddbf.jpg

Women's colorway.
 photo IMG_1361_zps7187fb76.jpg

Not only the bag is clever but also the shoe.
 photo IMG_1363_zps342a12e8.jpg

Team Puma. ♥
 photo IMG_1369_zps7ce0b92a.jpg

Be part of the elite.
 photo IMG_1371_zpsc157c41c.jpg

They not only feel good but they also look good.
 photo IMG_1372_zps02a76668.jpg

Paolo and kickspotting.
 photo IMG_1379_zps5eb393ce.jpg

With my ever dearest Thess. Thanks a million! :)
 photo IMG_1381B_zpsbffca05f.jpg

Martin (Sole Movement) in the house!
 photo IMG_1384_zps6c35b90e.jpg

Choose your colorway.
 photo IMG_1385_zpsf8951397.jpg

Now that's what's up.
 photo IMG_1386B_zps0a41659b.jpg

Men's Puma Mobium Elite. SRP 6,630 pesos.
 photo MobiumMens_zps49660b23.png

Women's Puma Mobium Elite.
 photo MobiumWomens_zps95dc2f9c.png

Puma Mobium Elite available at the following stores.
 photo MOBIUMSTOREcopyB_zps152174ed.jpg

I wore mine for 10 straight hours and my feet didn't feel tired at all. The Puma Mobium Elite fit like a glove and the breathable uppers keep your feet cool. The cushioning is better than most running shoes I own (I own more running shoes than basketball shoes) and the Mobium Band actually works. Is it worth picking up a pair? Most definitely, even if you are not a serious runner. I also see them as the perfect gym shoes!

Puma Mobium Elite. The FUTURE is now.

You can thank me later after you've tried them out for yourself.


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