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| Posted in | Posted on Sunday, August 15, 2021

Finally made it to LASA Sandwiches & Pearls after more than a month after its grand opening. Heard their sandwiches always sold out so it was just wise to wait it out. 



| Posted in | Posted on Tuesday, August 10, 2021

I'm always down for some good jazz music so I was hella stoked when ze wifey told me about where we were going Tuesday night.

First live musical experience since the start of the pandemic! Yikes? Nah, the people behind Candlelight Seattle did a great job at setting up Block 41 and making sure every single person inside the venue had a mask on. 



| Posted in | Posted on Monday, August 09, 2021

If you follow me on social media then most likely you saw my posts about these a week and a half ago - The Margielyn Didal New Balance Numeric 379 "Pilipinas." They came out last year and sold out quickly but I found them below retail on Only $50 each shipped + tax with the code XMAS15. I also used Rakuten to get 4.5% cashback and got another $15 discount when I paid using PayPal in buying 2 pairs. (Or any purchase over $100)

I asked if anyone was interested in them and shared the link to every single person who asked for it. With the amount of replies I got, I can safely say that I'm not the only one who's totally digging the first Philippine pro skate shoes by a big sports brand like New Balance.

Go half a size up!



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I've been living in the Pacific Northwest for over a year now and it was only today that I found out about this museum in Seattle's International District/Chinatown. 



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 Congratulations, Travis! Best wishes, Josie! 




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Yeah, sex is cool but have you ever passed through Portland from Seattle going to Camas, posted an IG story asking, "Who's in the area?" and got a reply from an old friend from Nike saying, "The Darkside Initiative is open on East Burnside."

Never? I figured.

I checked their website/blog/social media and there was no mention of the store opening today. I guess I was the first one to break the news on instagram/facebook? They must have wanted a really low key first day. 

Well, folks, Portland just got more interesting. Congratulations to Colin and the entire @thedarksideinitiative crew!