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| Posted in | Posted on Thursday, March 12, 2020

Funny how the world is about to end because some of you idiots decided to feast on flying foxes instead of just eating asses. Wash your hands, avoid people and we shall beat this thing. See you all in 2021! #ncovenience



| Posted in | Posted on Monday, March 09, 2020

Back in Baguio City, one of my favorite places outside Metro Manila, to spend some QT with a cutie.

Austrianne Residences was closed because of the Covid-19 scare so we stayed at one of Maan's AirBnb listings. It's tucked in a quiet neighborhood not far away from all the tourist action in downtown Baguio. The space is super clean with a minimalist vibe. Perfect for single/couples! 

The view from our living space.



| Posted in | Posted on Tuesday, March 03, 2020

Been looking for a pair of work boots and a new pair of selvedge denim jeans but stuff that's available in Manila are usually overpriced. Since I've been on a tear on Lazada lately, I checked if some overseas vendors had some for sale. A quick search showed me a brand that I have never heard before, Maden Style. It's a Chinese brand supposedly owned/run by Russians. Most of its pieces are copies of other established fashion brands (i.e. Rogue Territory, Nigel Cabourn, etc.) but for the fraction of the price. 

I ordered a pair of 15 oz selvedge denim jeans and lace-up work boots. Delivery took 11 days from China to Quezon City. The total damage? Only 4,050 pesos total or around $80. 



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Finally letting go of my 1985s that I've had since 1998. It's about time I move on to better things than being burdened of taking care of shoes that are 35 years old. I got a feeling that these will move quicker than I expect even with the high price that I am asking for.