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| Posted in | Posted on Sunday, November 30, 2008

I work Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Year's Eve.


I can't wait for this month to be over.

* SIGH *



| Posted in | Posted on Saturday, November 29, 2008

The one question I keep getting asked when I meet new people who visit my site regularly is, "How do you come up with all those random entries?"


I write down my thoughts

On Post-its

And use them for my entries

Peep the Benjamin notepad from Tickles




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Even though you are loud. Jet engine loud.

Even though you are known to most as the biggest cock blocker.

Even though some people find you obnoxious.

I consider you as one of my closest coworkers.

My friend, I want you to know that...


Doesn't come from sheep

I can't believe you're 27 years old and you don't even know where cotton comes from.

I was dying last night. I couldn't stop laughing. I was in tears.

I'm sorry my dude but that shit was hilarious.

I told you I was gonna post this and I did.


Because I can.

Ha ha.

Love, Peace and Happiness,




| Posted in | Posted on Friday, November 28, 2008

During my core leave I received a message bearing good news. Shikko said that there was a lottery for the HSBC Thanksgiving x Christmas party and we were among the lucky ones who were picked to attend it. Since our department doesn't have a counterpart in India, we can't just skip a work day to attend the party. I was pretty stoked because I knew that it was gonna be another grand event. I almost gave up on the idea of attending it because we work Thursdays and I was out of leave credits. When I was shown the itinerary for the party, I told the people I was going with that we had to be there early. I didn't want to deal with long lines and I wanted to try everything the party had to offer.

So Shikko, Jammi and I arrived at The PICC Tent around 7:30 (party was from 7pm to 3am), registered and went inside right away. It was air conditioned! That alone made my night. No stinky, sweaty, icky people. We were greeted by models and camera men/women.

The place was freaking awesome. It was divided into three areas and everything was free. The game room. The Club. The dining/lounge area. We headed straight to the game room and played a couple of games before heading to the dining area. By the time we finished with dinner, the place was almost packed. We picked a spot on the right side of the club area and stayed there for the rest of the night. Since getting drinks from the bar took forever, I called a server and gave him some money. I told him to take care of us and he sure did. The cocktails kept on flowing as we were joined by people from another department. VAC people, you are the best! Thanks for getting crazy with us. The night would've sucked if I was stuck with Shikko and Jammi. Sorry boys. I'm just saying. Ha ha.

From hanging out with new friends to witnessing Jano curse to the sky (dude's a lightweight and got his cellphone jacked), it was surely a fun filled event and one of the grandest I've been to (and I've been to a lot). Too bad I didn't win any of the raffled items (3G iPhone, iPods, PSPs, digi cams).

On with the photos and the vids.

Follow the light


The red carpet with AVP Bing

The lucky ones


Girl on the right

Gaming area


Inflatable castle


Dance dance dance

Wii ooh wii ooh wii

Click to play

The club area featuring my fav girl from VAC

The stage

The bar

The other bar

One of the bosses DJing

Beer kegs. I saw servers bringing in cases and cases of beer after the kegs went dry.

The dining/lounge area

Via Mare buffet

What I stuffed myself with

Click to see how awesome the place was

After dinner party

With Mommy D


The hosts

Place getting packed

Jano faded early

Club Mwah. These happy people were fun to watch.

Click to play

Center managers

Free glowsticks Mardi Gras style

Click to play

Pew pew pew

Click to play

Big bosses

Ice in the house!

South Border in the house! Bring back the two dudes you dumb shit. Your new vocalist is wack.

Click to play

Fun fun people. Girl on the left was doing back spins. Ha ha.

This one is for my AMO


By popular demand I bring to you, JACKET girl!

More photos of me and the rest of the gang

Nini nuni nuni

Is this supposed to be cool? Maybe if your getting paid to do it. I saw these folks whip out light balls from their pockets and started performing. LOL

Philippine All-Stars (click to play)

The big bosses getting down (click to play)

Happy birthday Kat!

AVP with the big bosses

Rico in the hizzouse!

Click to play

After the party, the boys wanted to get some food before heading home. Shakey's Makati Ave FTFMW!!!

Rootbeer float FTMFW!!!

Hero meatball sandwich FTMFW!!!

Parmesan fries FTMFW!!!

Shout outs to the fun people from VAC and the AVP. You rock boss Bing!