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| Posted in | Posted on Friday, May 03, 2013

The first of four consecutive celebratory nights! First stop? Titan Two Parkade for some sugar, water and purple. Thirsty!
 photo IMG_0020_zps22269fd6.jpg

I love this place.
 photo IMG_0021_zps185818d3.jpg

Toots with a slick pair of Yōji Yamamotos.
 photo IMG_0022_zps99582642.jpg

What I came here for.
 photo IMG_0024-2_zps3fe69df1.jpg

Ray P. Sloth does not. Thank you, Titan!
 photo IMG_0025_zps89ca0d52.jpg

My official summer sneaks.
 photo IMG_0026-1_zps5e6750b5.jpg

M-M-M-Maybach Music.
 photo IMG_0032_zps50e202fe.jpg

Headed over to McKinley Hill for The Do-Over.
 photo IMG_0042-1_zps0d91188d.jpg

Like it's Summer 2012. What up, Neil!
 photo IMG_0043-1_zps99c6ffd6.jpg

With Martin aka Sole Movement.
 photo IMG_0046B_zps48550507.jpg

J & A!
 photo IMG_0048-1_zpsde41f10e.jpg

Jenn, PJ, Angelo and Reena.
 photo IMG_0050-1_zpsaf1544bc.jpg

I wanted a sammich, a toasty sammich.
 photo IMG_0054-3_zpsa6c3cbe2.jpg

 photo IMG_0055_zps0000ea51.jpg

Puwede na.
 photo IMG_0059_zpsa5b33264.jpg

Drove to M Cafe for part 1 of Erica's birthday celebration.
 photo IMG_0060-1_zpsa6a0cf12.jpg

This dude played a solid set.
 photo IMG_0061-1_zps26ebb438.jpg

Super Dry to quench my thirst.
 photo IMG_0069_zpsd148d54c.jpg

The Powder Room gurls!
 photo IMG_0070-1_zpsc5a6807b.jpg

Margaux and Arianne.
 photo IMG_0077-1_zps37faeff2.jpg

With Rye.
 photo IMG_0088-1_zps7dc1f2a9.jpg

 photo IMG_0089-3_zpsa28e390e.jpg

Aycs and Kevin.
 photo IMG_0091_zps4121720f.jpg

 photo IMG_0092-3_zpsdb84ec7b.jpg

Last stop? El Chupacabra. I hate and love this place. (hate the service but love the street tacos)
 photo IMG_0096_zps51232010.jpg

 photo IMG_0097-1_zpscef04cf5.jpg

Late night dream team.
 photo IMG_0100-1_zps12646e9e.jpg

Anikka haz the disappoint. Her food never came!
 photo IMG_0102_zps68a00adb.jpg

Time heals all.
 photo IMG_0103_zpsb36a03f8.jpg

Ready for round 2 tomorrow!

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