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| Posted in | Posted on Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Ever felt so hyped over something only to be disappointed? Well, that's how I felt last night. A friend I've known more than half of my life (whom I haven't seen in YEARS) swung by but didn't even stay for a drink. She was like in and out. -___- Still, good times, though. You really can't go wrong with Imperial Ice Bar on a Tuesday night. 100 peso tequila shots, yo!
 photo IMG_1271_zps42680df7.jpg

DJ Teaze!
 photo IMG_1272_zps23c7921d.jpg

D, L and M.
 photo IMG_1278_zps674c1ca3.jpg

Faye WTF happened to your fez?!
 photo IMG_1274_zps975c0b6c.jpg

Niche is automatic.
 photo IMG_1279_zpsb5056af9.jpg

My Norwegian loves.
 photo IMG_1280_zps4fddf727.jpg

Bcal and Skratchmark.
 photo IMG_1281B_zps1d93afaa.jpg

I wonder what the dude on the left uses on his hair.
 photo IMG_1282_zps47d33c5d.jpg

Adoborat and the gang.
 photo IMG_1283_zps5e44c050.jpg

Visitors from The Bay.
 photo IMG_1286_zps88e29f41.jpg

 photo IMG_1288_zps95173191.jpg

They rule Imperial Ice Bar Tuesday nights.
 photo IMG_1290_zps480741df.jpg

Ralph and Maria.
 photo IMG_1291_zpsfd98f275.jpg

Let's go!
 photo IMG_1292_zpse471c164.jpg

Alex and Su Chainz. (I keep forgetting the name of the girl)
 photo IMG_1294_zpsb3fea3da.jpg

7th High's Abbi.
 photo IMG_1295_zps58db30aa.jpg

I might have said something to these ladies when alcohol took over me.
 photo IMG_1296_zps76b2ce16.jpg

 photo IMG_1297_zpsbb6fea23.jpg

Denisse aka Gal Gadot.
 photo IMG_1302_zps1f23fb34.jpg

Miguel and Lala Dahling.
 photo IMG_1303_zps31332500.jpg

From coast to coast.
 photo IMG_1304_zps9878bf79.jpg

Happy birthday, Andy!
 photo IMG_1305B_zps60e0635e.jpg

What up Will!
 photo IMG_1308_zps5d16d0b4.jpg

Zoey all covered up.
 photo IMG_1310_zpsb0c42700.jpg

I have known this girl for almost 20 years and I think this was our first photo together. Great seeing you, Princess!
 photo IMG_1311_zps4afcf51c.jpg

How did I get home safely?

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