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Must be lumpia.

Coz it's a wrap.

12 hours before the release

Drove to High St. after work to check out the scene and to say what up to my fellow Niketalkers who camped out for the release of the very limited Manny Pacquiao Air Trainer 1. See the madness below. Click to play.


Stuff for the pop-up store

Another angle

NT represent

Mark and Kheiy (weLegendary)

Nice chatting with you guys. I'll see you again later.

Good luck to all!




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I don't know what will.

And since you've already seen photos of the shoes, allow me to share photos of the ridiculoidly detailed box.



Hello there

Sooo beautiful I just might have to battle for a second pair

Where I got my money on

I also got a couple of MP tees. Here's one of the dopest I've seen so far. Availability unknown.

Thanks a million for the care package. You know who you people are!

I'm ready for this weekend.

It's gonna be fun.

See you all there!

Looking to get yourself a pair of the Nike x Manny Pacquiao Air Trainer 1?

Click HERE.



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Since my drawing skills suck...

For more FFFFFUUUUUUUU-, click HERE.



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I felt guilty after flaking on artist MM last week so I cleared my schedule to have dinner with her and her buddy.

I never talked to this girl back in high school and the last time I saw her was in '97. Pretty cool person. I never thought we'd get along face to face.

Sorry I was late!

Let's work on a project soon, yeah?

The new Eastwood Mall

Office buildings across the mall

I wanted Mexican, they didn't.

Nice watch MM!

What I ordered. Half cooked chicken FTL.


We hopped to Agave for a drink


Ms. Kill Fee. Tell Marra we should all hang out soon!

Still torn on what point and shoot to buy?

G9, G9, G9, G9, G9...



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Too bad the required travel dates don't fit my schedule.



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For sending me this

Cheap direct flights FTW!

NorCal Summit anyone?




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Click to play

He thought he was doing it.




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Gear up for the biggest fight of the summer with these official limited Nike x Manny Pacquiao apparel and sneakers



Redesigned Trainer 1s

Allow me to edit, copy and paste


Nike today announced that it has created a special edition of its newest innovation, the Nike Trainer 1, in celebration of Manny Pacquiao, the world’s number one pound-for-pound boxer and Filipino pride as he prepares for battle in a highly anticipated event in Las Vegas, Nevada, on May 2, 2009. Pacquiao will be one of the world’s first athletes to wear the Nike Trainer 1 as he dedicates himself to a grueling training regimen behind closed doors at the Wild Card Gym with trainer Freddie Roach.

The special edition Nike Trainer 1 bears Pacquiao’s identity crest, a distinctive Filipino sockliner marked with a Philippine eagle graphic and the May 2, 2009 date of his bout on the tongue. The special edition Nike Trainer 1 will be packaged in its own themed shoe box. Nike designers drew upon more than two decades of inspiration and knowledge to create the Nike Trainer 1.. Equipped with Nike’s DiamondFLX and Max Air technologies, the shoe is developed to support multi-directional movements and provide impact protection while maintaining premium performance. Made from lightweight synthetics that provide superior protection, the Nike Trainer 1 provides durability and cushioning that speaks volumes about the future of Nike Training and the athletes who passionately represent it.

To kick start the excitement, forty-nine pairs of the uniquely designed edition of the Nike Trainer 1 footwear will be on sale to signify Pacquiao’s aim for the 49th title in his upcoming fight. For one day only on May 2, 2009, starting 12:00 noon, Filipino fans and supporters will have a chance to purchase the Nike Trainer 1 for Php 5,209 at the Manny Pacuiao pop up store, Magnet Café Bonifacio High Street. Limited pairs will also be made available at Nike Park BHS (The Fort) on May 3, 2009.

In addition to the special edition Nike Trainer 1, Nike has created a special tee for the fight. “Each year, Nike designs a limited edition tee in support of his celebrated bouts. Fans eagerly await the arrival of our t-shirts to wear on fight day. This year is no different and we’re excited to take a lead in uniting supporters behind Manny,” explains Dichupa. The new Manny shirt bears the logotype ‘Team Pacquiao’ in front, the same logotype printed on his corner gear. With a Philippine eagle graphic at the back, the tee is symbolic of the national support behind their sports hero and enables the inclusion of every supporter as a member of Team Pacquiao.

Team Pacquiao tees are available in black and grey in Nike stores nationwide. A limited number of 2009 Team Pacquiao Windrunners, Manny Pacquiao Southpaw and Wild Card Gym graphic tees are also available exclusively at the Manny Pacuiao pop up store. Twenty lucky fans can get a chance to purchase Team Pacquiao Windrunners by logging on to

Celebrate Manny Pacquiao and visit Manny Pacuiao pop up store, Magnet Café Bonifacio High Street on May 2, 2009. For more details log on to



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And hook me up with the employee discount.




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Because I say the realest shit you'll ever hear.

Spent most of my rest day, umh, resting. I love rain. I've said this a million times over. I slept like a baby and only got up to get some food.

I was supposed to meet up with a long time acquaintance. Artist MM. Sorry girl! I wanted to go to Banapple and you wanted to go to Cubao X. Maybe next time?

Come night time, I visited ABS-CBN to go see some models for a future project. Then I bumped into a familiar face. Scroll down to see who it is.

I missed Banapple. Last time I went to this place was more than a month ago. I arrived around 11pm and it was still packed! I was second on the list and I had to wait for 10 minutes.

My favorite item on the menu

After my visit to ABS-CBN, I brought a friend to Tony's Grill while we waited for his man Miggy. I love this place. The atmosphere is perfect for chillin'. Warm lighting + cozy couches + good convos + cold drinks = WINRAR! Visit Tony's Grill along Sct. Rallos, Tomas Morato, Quezon City. Beef and chicken kebabs are a must try!

The next KCC?

J-teezy finally got the call from his man so we headed to Bugsy's to meet up with him and his crew. We just had to do something stupid before leaving Quezon City. Click to play.

I was upset at how my arm covered the hooker's face. I swear my maids look better. There were three of them and the last one to speak said "Let the girl out of the car and I'll make love to her!" Ahahahahahaha.

Bugsy's. Where you at Mongeezy?
Yo Nandro! Let's work on that documentary soon.

To end all debates, wear your boat shoes with socks. Just like kingcrux31.



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Indeed. Daily dose of FTMFW!

Thanks Brian. You have been an inspiration to a lot of bloggers (including moi). More power to your site!


Follow his journey HERE