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| Posted in | Posted on Monday, June 29, 2009

From RyanKMD in Grand Rapids, MI
to ceehjayem in San Diego, CA
to kingcrux31 in Quezon City, PI

Still good

Still good

Still good

Still good

Still good

Still good

Still good

Uh oh! When you start seeing powder, it's game over.

2001-2009. My Air Jordan IIIs, may you rest in pieces.

Nike, you there?

I'd be happy with a pair of CDP IIIs or the new True Blue IIIs.




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From a Euro trip.

And he treated the team to lunch.

Saw this guy loungin' on our way to the resto. 100 degree weaher. 12 noon. Maybe he's dead?

First time here

Fresh catch by the entrance





* BURP *

* BURP *

* BURP *

Sam got skills (click to play)

Stopped by this skate shop after lunch. OVERPRICED SBs FTL.

Monday was a crazy day at work. I'm glad I got home alive and of sound mind.

Hope Tuesday will be better.



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McDonald's found another reason to bring back its TWISTER FRIES.


Now all I need is Jack in the Box's Buttermilk House Sauce.



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My eldest brother.

Keep doing big things in Canada kuya.

We love you always.

Happy birthday!



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Do you know how easy it is to buy your own domain name? All you need is $10 for the first year and takes less than ten minutes to set up. I did mine last year when I started this site on and purchased the web address from using Google Checkout.

Pretty easy, eh?

Now if you do not renew your domain in time, you will be facing a very difficult process of of getting it back.

The email I used to sign up was deactivated by my ISP so I failed to receive the notice about the renewal of my domain name which expired on May 23, 2009. For weeks some of my readers complained that they couldn't access my site if they only type I knew right away that it had something to do with my failure to renew my domain.

I spent hours online trying to fix the problem. I checked my blog settings. Nothing. Signed up on and tried to renew it from there. Nada. Googled for a solution. Zero. I found out that my domain was "parked" and I only had a month to renew it before it was offered again in the market. There was no way I was gonna let another person get a hold of my domain name so I emailed Google for help and received this in my inbox more than a week ago.

Then earlier I received this. What a sigh of relief!

To the good-hearted person who helped me out, I know you're reading this, all I can say is... MARAMING SALAMAT!



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First day showing of Transformers 2 so I rushed to the mall after work to buy some tickets. I wanted my eldest son to be one of the first ones to watch it. It would suck if he goes back to school on Monday and hear the other kids talk about the movie without him seeing it first.

My initial plan was to score some iMax tickets but the hotline was busy the whole day. I wasn't gonna drive all the way to SM Mall of Asia with no assurance of getting good tickets. I drove to Power Plant Mall instead and arrived there around 6pm. I was surprised to find out that tickets for the 8, 9, 9:30, and 10pm screenings were already sold out. It was too late to watch the last full show at 11pm so I just bought tickets for the following day.

Optmius watching the line

I've been hearing a lot of good things about this Japanese burger joint. I had to try it since I was already in the area. Located next to Cibo.

No social skills? Order using the macheeen!

"What can you recommend for a first timer?"

Flippin' burgers

The wall

The crowd

Unlucky, no?

Double Master Burger

Chili Master Fries

Soda. Pop. Softdrinks.

Total damage

You'd never think you're in a third world country when you're in this mall

Sexy behind

Manny Pacqiuao x Victorinox

My verdict on Sango! burgers?

The best I ever had.

Word to Drake.



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Even though I'm a simple man there are some good things I just can't live without. One of them is a nice pen. Ever since I lost my 3 year old pen two weeks ago, I've been on a hunt for the exact same model. I found one when I went to a bookstore but it was a cheaper model with a similar exterior.

Hello there!

Three letters in under thirty seconds (click to play)


Brushed steeeeeeeel!

You already know

My 3 Boys

Now who wants my autograph?




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After work I went to the mall to drop off a package at LBC.

Stopped by my favorite fast pizza-pasta joint. Sbarro.

Last time I had a spinach calzone at Sbarro SM Megamall, it was goooood. This one? Craaap.

In nicer Metro Manila malls, 10 pesos will get you this

A clean restroom with toilet paper, lotion, alcogel and airconditioning

What did I tell you? I'm the best wrapper alive. And I will eat gifts alive.

I saw this on my way to the parking lot. The one on the right is a must have. K-Swiss Classic!!! Retail is 4,400 pesos. I remember the most I paid for a pair was 2,200 pesos. Must've gone through a dozen pairs back in high school and college.

My last pair. Sneaker Pimps Manila. February 5, 2005. Yes, I wore them with the tag on. Ha ha.

I wonder if Nikki still works for K-Swiss SEA...