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| Posted in | Posted on Saturday, October 31, 2009

I visit the living and hungry.

I sent a text message to Robby asking if Ristras was open and he replied even though it was 4am in DC. Sorry man, I didn't know you were abroad.

All Saints' Day grub with Mark

This place is never empty

I love it when she prepares my burrito. She knows how I like 'em.

Chips on the side

Good stuff as always

I ain't thirsty no mo'

Back to the shop

What Jayson had on his feet


Yes, I love my Air Jordan XI Lows.

Transferred to Mark's pad for some drinks. Chill out Sam! Ha ha.

The view outside

Filipino style

* BURP *



| Posted in | Posted on Thursday, October 29, 2009

The 3rd SB drop was off the chain! People braved the bad weather to get their hands on some Nike SBs. I'm glad Mark's store is getting good stuff little by little.

Maybe we'll see a Nike SB x weLegendary collab soon?

Getting ready



This fool in brown tee bombed the restroom with his ugly tag. Somebody get this guy. Because of him we're not allowed to have parties anymore at the shop.

Eager customers

I wanted to snap their photo but they insisted that "a legend" join them. C'mon guys, I'm just a regular dude.

weLegendary crew hard at work

This guy couldn't decide so he bought both the Blazer and Dunk Low

Miko again!

Lovely family all the way from Bulacan. I know you're all reading this! Hope to see you again soon.

Alabang lady buying for her son

Enjoy your pair!

Fun outside

Father and son purchase

I can't wait for the next drop!




| Posted in | Posted on Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The last time I bought a pair of Air Jordans in a colorway I didn't like was back in 2002 when I saw a pair of Cherrywood XVIs in my size at Crossings Department Store on the 3rd level of National Bookstore Quezon Ave.

I never thought I'd buy another odd pair of Air Jordans but I've been shopping around for a new pair of basketball shoes and when I saw these at an outlet store in Subic for only 2,598 pesos, I didn't think twice and copped the cleanest size 10s available.


I was hesitant to break them out because they were LS, not I.E. (I hate patent leather Air Jordans except for the XVIs) but they turned out better than expected.

My feet are at home in a pair of XI Lows.

The XI Low I.E. is one of my favorite Jordans. Top 5 believe it or not. I love how the shoe fits, breathable mesh panels, cement print, icey soles and the high school memories it brings when I think of my original pair (hit a game winning shot with the I.E.). This pair might be different but the feel of the shoe is the same so I'm happy with it.

Next time you're in Subic, you might want to check out the outlet store next to Royal Subic Duty Free Mall. There's not much there but they still have around 15 pairs of the Air Jordan posted above. 3 more pairs of size 10, all deadstock.

I'm looking to go back soon to cop another pair.



| Posted in , | Posted on Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A sneak peek of what's gonna drop on Friday at weLegendary

I already know where my money will go this payday.

Limited stocks x nice drops = people queuing

* EDIT *


Speckled outsole and contrast stitching

Wreck yo brain

Bloody niiice!



| Posted in | Posted on Saturday, October 24, 2009

Happy hour on a Friday night?

Where else but Grappa's!

Mild blur

Site of the Rolex heist

Window shopping

Cheap dinner. First Chicken Joy in months.

I was harassed by a security guard after snapping this photo. My reply? STOP SELLING CAMERAS IN YOUR MALLS IF YOU WON'T ALLOW US TO USE THEM. Idiots.

Ahhh yes

Weizen first

Prime it

Dark lager

We ain't thirsty no mo'

Swung by Alchemy after to check out its remodeled interior. Thanks for the bottle Jester and Trixie!

What a laugh trip. Ahahahahahahaha!

* HIK *