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| Posted in | Posted on Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I saw my buddy Shikko a few weeks ago when he and his girlfriend join the SunDAZED fun. We were chopping it up when he asked why I don't post as much about food anymore. Well, here you go homeslice! You can thank me later. :)

Sandiwcheese is located right next to the original Banapple on Katipunan Avenue. (southbound)
 photo IMG_2730_zps2e4da7d6.jpg

That 11:30 pm closing time is so clutch.
 photo IMG_2731_zps6b476ad4.jpg

Yup, same owners as Banapple!
 photo IMG_2733_zps0af912ee.jpg

These cute little things on the wall.
 photo IMG_2736_zps84cd1e62.jpg

What I came here for.
 photo IMG_2737_zps9f75d317.jpg

Nice touch on the packaging.
 photo IMG_2742_zps19732ab1.jpg

It may not look it but this is the best sandwich under 200 pesos. Chicken Caesar Sandwicheese FTW!
 photo IMG_2743_zpsf6ff3335.jpg

The rest of the menu looks good but after having this sandwich twice and losing my mind both times, I know what I will be ordering again next time.

Sandwicheese is also in Market! Maket! Check out their facebook page HERE

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