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Who's been losing sleep over Lebron's visit on Tuesday? * RAISES HAND * If you're a true Lebron fan and haven't checked out the exhibit of customized Lebron Xs at Nike Park BHS yet then this entry is for you. Let me know which one is your fav!
 photo IMG_2830_zps21590c7c.jpg

Walk through the entire exhibit in 3 minutes. (click to play)

Featuring works by Team Manila, Levon Rondina + Ting Medrano, AJ Dimarucot, JP Cuison, Dan Matutina, Rico Blanco, Diego Castillo, Jan Calleja + Gilbert Ibanez and Isabel Gatuslao.
 photo IMG_2831_zps94825119.jpg

 photo IMG_2833_zpsb2abc313.jpg

 photo IMG_2834_zps56af6d01.jpg

 photo IMG_2836_zps7e40518a.jpg

 photo IMG_2837_zps981fe02d.jpg

 photo IMG_2838_zps0b1accf0.jpg

Titan represent!
 photo IMG_2839_zpsd04fbf74.jpg

 photo IMG_2840_zps7cae5e62.jpg

 photo IMG_2843_zpsd7505873.jpg

 photo IMG_2845_zps0e9230c3.jpg

 photo IMG_2846_zps075aecdb.jpg

Peep the story behind AJ Dimarucot's work HERE.
 photo IMG_2848_zps67638c2e.jpg

 photo IMG_2849_zpsad7dd493.jpg

 photo IMG_2850_zps7a7c2800.jpg

 photo IMG_2851_zpsa975df47.jpg

 photo IMG_2853_zpscd6669f1.jpg

 photo IMG_2854_zps95d39a4e.jpg

 photo IMG_2855_zpsa7052184.jpg

 photo IMG_2856_zpsd825debe.jpg

 photo IMG_2858_zpsfe2eb65a.jpg

 photo IMG_2863_zps62a2cde3.jpg

 photo IMG_2865_zpsb82c7216.jpg

 photo IMG_2868_zps2c1693e0.jpg

 photo IMG_2869_zpscca1f9ad.jpg

 photo IMG_2870_zpse61fc8b4.jpg

 photo IMG_2871_zps8f7c1c9a.jpg

 photo IMG_2872_zps122db790.jpg

 photo IMG_2873_zps6b4236b1.jpg

 photo IMG_2878_zpsa074edc6.jpg

 photo IMG_2880_zps1db48f5f.jpg

 photo IMG_2881_zps022151d6.jpg

 photo IMG_2882_zpse3283a3f.jpg

 photo IMG_2884_zpsb1255739.jpg

 photo IMG_2885_zps025cec83.jpg

 photo IMG_2886_zps6f32d482.jpg

 photo IMG_2887_zps884b11ab.jpg

 photo IMG_2889_zpsa976592f.jpg

What I specifically came here for.
 photo IMG_2890_zpsa2a2544c.jpg

Real black diamonds.
 photo IMG_2891_zpsd192bdef.jpg

Original sick logo by Isabel Gatuslao.
 photo IMG_2893_zps8d4dde2b.jpg

She was part of my blog roll for a while until she revamped her site. Maybe I should add her again.
 photo IMG_2897_zps6f79d7d6.jpg

 photo IMG_2898_zpsb896ef97.jpg

I like this one the most because it is so Isa (so simple, yet so elegant). Peep the story behind her work HERE.
 photo IMG_2902_zps7e328775.jpg

You wanna see them all in person? Head to Nike Park BHS now. The exhibit runs only until the 23rd of July.

The Lebron Manila fever is on!


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