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| Posted in | Posted on Tuesday, July 23, 2013

What did I do after all the Lebron madness? I had dinner with him at Aracama then went clubbing with him at Prive. Sike! He did go to those two places. Me? I went home, transferred over 10GB worth of photos and videos to my laptop, showered then headed to my usual spot Tuesday nights. It's Soul Kitchen at Imperial Ice Bar, boyyyyyyyy!
 photo IMG_9700_zpse95480f2.jpg

Nice hoodie, bro.
 photo IMG_9701_zpsa6427532.jpg

Nice shoes, bro.
 photo IMG_9702_zps3913e752.jpg

Nice crewneck, dudette.
 photo IMG_9703B_zpsb5592f78.jpg

It's Alexa!
 photo IMG_9703_zps6337019e.jpg

Tini and Zoey.
 photo IMG_9704_zps11a412de.jpg

My Tuesday night clique.
 photo IMG_9708_zps67518974.jpg

My name is not Ralph, Maria! -____-
 photo IMG_9709B_zps2a386047.jpg

Aliver aka the Drunken Adoborat.
 photo IMG_9710_zps4c04fb27.jpg

LMAOOOOOOOO, Sanya! It's her birthday on the 30th.
 photo IMG_9711_zps6ea5a96e.jpg

 photo IMG_9715B_zps6db9f101.jpg

 photo IMG_9719_zpseb4f5956.jpg

Oh yeah.
 photo IMG_9720_zpsdf905a95.jpg

Here. We. Go.
 photo IMG_9721_zps68df3491.jpg

Al was so turnt up he didn't even know where he was, lol.
 photo IMG_9722_zps8918b867.jpg

Then I saw @Diannedreyfus moping on the couch by herself. She must really miss Carlo.
 photo IMG_9725B_zps8801863a.jpg

Now for some much needed rest!

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