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| Posted in | Posted on Sunday, July 21, 2013

When news broke that Lebron James is visiting the Philippines, the first thing that I thought of was to give away free tickets on my site just like what I did when Nike flew in Kobe in 2011. Unfortunately, it was tougher to get tickets this time around. BUT since I love you all I will give away one (1) of my PATRON ROW B (second row) tickets to a dedicated Lebron fan.
 photo IMG_3000_zps6141e357.jpg

Who will get it? Easy. You see the counter on the side bar? I switched it for this contest from counting visitors to counting page views. All you gotta do is keep refreshing or opening different links on my site until the counter hits 1,831,000. I will need a HD video of you and your screen leading to and hitting the said number (it has to show the time on your screen). You don't need to record the whole process, you can start a couple of minutes before you achieve this feat. After you beat the shit out your mouse point the camera to your face, say your whole name and how excited you are to see Lebron in person THEN upload the video on youtube (with the title "Witness History: Lebron James in Manila"). Email the link to and include your contact info. In case more than 1 entry shows the same number I will pick the earliest correct and legitimate one.

Contest ends at 8:31 am, Tuesday.

Winner will be notified by SMS and email. 


Now show how much of a true Lebron fan you are.

Ready, set, go!

******** EXTENDED UNTIL 9:31 am, Tuesday! ********

******** EDIT ********

No winner. People probably thought I was kidding or they were just lazy to click non-stop for a free ticket. How are you gonna line up for 2 nights for upper box tickets, try to slang them for a couple of thousand pesos each, then pass up on this opportunity that I presented to all of you? You guys are weird. Some  didn't even try and just asked for the ticket straight up like they deserved it (without putting in work). Seriously, though? 

To those wondering how I got my tickets, I received this as soon as news broke about LeBron James visiting the Philippines.
 photo LebronInvite_zps8fdfd3d0.png

I didn't bother anyone about the tickets but I did let them know what I wanted. All the calls I made were to check if the hardworking PR team behind this event was still alright knowing how much work they had to do for this project. They barely slept!

Banapple before heading to Ronac to swoop up Mark we Legendary
 photo IMG_2978_zps2e5d6d37.jpg

This was surprisingly good. Not too sweet.
 photo IMG_2979_zps639f7fcb.jpg

It was written.
 photo IMG_2983B_zps20b43ae9.jpg

These two are awesome.
 photo IMG_2984_zps5bc36107.jpg

Magic trick to turn Mark's gold into platinum.
 photo IMG_2986_zps6eebb670.jpg

I rarely visit this office but when I do I make sure I wreak havoc and rustle some jimmies. 
 photo IMG_2990B_zps74fbd6cb.jpg

Reggie Miller, Baskin Robbins, August...
 photo IMG_2995B_zpsb33f17e8.jpg

Jandric served us this cake. I think it came from Miss Mae. It was nom!
 photo IMG_2997_zpsccceb05a.jpg

I hope their office mates don't see this.
 photo IMG_2998_zps7158f69b.jpg

Whose jaw was stuck like this after we showed her a Vine of my tongue action?
 photo IMG_2999_zpseda7d0bb.jpg

Thank you!
 photo IMG_2999C_zpsd597e570.jpg

A few brews before heading home.
 photo IMG_3000B_zpsd09cfb9b.jpg

3 bottles of Tecate for only 250! (The Distillery Fort serves food now.)
 photo IMG_3003B_zpsc1dc23d5.jpg

Tomorrow is gonna be fun.


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Hi! Been clicking for hours na. Hehe i'm doing this for my hubby. He doesn't know i'm doing it. Anyway, pano if hindi umabot sa 1,831,000 till 8:31 since it's 8:20 na? So, no winner? Thank you!

Wah. Ang layo pa boss. Pwede ba natin mabawasan ang goal?