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| Posted in | Posted on Thursday, July 25, 2013

The 23rd Vans Concept Store is now open! If you're in the Oakland of the Philippines aka Cubao check out the 2nd floor of Gateway Tower Mall (new wing) for your Off The Wall needs. Shoes, apparel, accessories and more. ALL VANS EVERYTHING!
 photo IMGP9729_zps06bec062.jpg

Walk through the store in under 2 minutes. (click to play)

 photo IMGP9730_zps34856999.jpg

 photo IMGP9733_zpsac869f28.jpg

It's DJ Skratchmark!
 photo IMGP9736_zps50c33b25.jpg

DJ Teaze with her book.
 photo IMGP9738_zpsc1b37fa4.jpg

Shoe wall.
 photo IMGP9738B_zpsae018cdd.jpg

More shoes.
 photo IMGP9738C_zps70d37fad.jpg

 photo IMGP9738D_zps04388c1e.jpg

Tees. Lots of tees.
 photo IMGP9738E_zps91ce1566.jpg

 photo IMGP9738F_zpsdf506a71.jpg

 photo IMGP9738G_zpsab7c3d92.jpg

 photo IMGP9738H_zpsdd82a810.jpg

 photo IMGP9738I_zps83aaa42c.jpg

Snapbacks, no tattoos.
 photo IMGP9739_zps96652085.jpg

Sunnies, keychains, baby booties and wallets.
 photo IMGP9740_zps36b608a9.jpg

Belts galore.
 photo IMGP9741_zpsc05ba0f7.jpg

 photo IMGP9751_zps65ad6c19.jpg

For camo lovers out there.
 photo IMGP9752B_zps43b3bad9.jpg

Beach necessity.
 photo IMGP9752C_zps431d8a6d.jpg

 photo IMGP9752D_zps57fb188f.jpg

 photo IMGP9752E_zps9da339c6.jpg

I need this chambray shirt.
 photo IMGP9752_zps1b8c2d63.jpg

You sad, bruh?
 photo IMGP9753B_zpsc83951cf.jpg

DJ Teaze, Soc and Thina.
 photo IMGP9755_zps0214c7e0.jpg

This is how you photobomb.
 photo IMGP9757B_zpse7c7a6da.jpg

 photo IMGP9764_zpsddf4b63d.jpg

 photo IMGP9772_zps1049a6f4.jpg

 photo IMGP9781_zpsd5ba2d6c.jpg

These kids love Jugs.
 photo IMGP9782_zps2633d4d6.jpg

It's Wendell Vans!
 photo IMGP9783_zpsfb3d4510.jpg

Thara Rawr Ra!
 photo IMGP9784_zps1e09818a.jpg

Day forty-two.
 photo IMGP9786_zps63fd965a.jpg

Yassi in the middle.
 photo IMGP9787_zpseb250a74.jpg

Here Kitty, Kitty.
 photo IMGP9789B_zps9bbdfdc7.jpg

 photo IMGP9792_zpsf3c570a6.jpg

 photo IMGP9795_zpsfa0511cd.jpg

 photo IMGP9796_zpsf37c0a37.jpg

Jimmy sharing a funny Lebron prank he did on radio.
 photo IMGP9797_zps2558fc8e.jpg

 photo IMGP9802_zps3e0e3c7b.jpg

 photo IMGP9803_zps561a84c5.jpg

Nice socks, dude.
 photo IMGP9808_zps3178a6ca.jpg

 photo IMGP9813_zps5ece892b.jpg

Bela on the right.
 photo IMGP9815_zpsdd3de638.jpg

Ansey and Maiko.
 photo IMGP9816_zpsffc7c5a6.jpg

Vans a make her dance.
 photo IMGP9817_zpsc92dfb0e.jpg

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