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| Posted in | Posted on Wednesday, July 17, 2013

After a 7-week vacation in the Philippines, Sarah's baby sister Amanda will be flying back to the beautiful city of San Francisco.  What better way to send her off than a BBQ! It was also an advance birthday party for her as she turns 20 on the 21st. Happy birthday, Amanda! I hope you had a blast here. Have a safe flight and say hi to my city for me!

Grilled liempo and burgers. Mmmmm....
 photo IMG_2761_zps8375ff54.jpg

My birthday gift for her, lol. Plus a dozen bottles of Tsing Tao!
 photo IMG_2762_zps1c2451d4.jpg

I thought of bringing a pack as soon as she told me she was gonna serve burgers.
 photo IMG_2763_zpsb1f5498e.jpg

 photo IMG_2768_zps95ebb738.jpg

From West 2 East. Amanda, Yvette, Joey Too Fresh and Sarah.
 photo IMG_2770_zps6a2aafd6.jpg

Four cheese please!
 photo IMG_2771_zpsb6e0a3da.jpg

I sank my first two attempts and made an incredible rainbow shot... then Joey Too Fresh took over and beat my team.
 photo IMG_2775_zpse8f9a141.jpg

18 years so smooth.
 photo IMG_2776_zpsea893414.jpg

6.5 liters of this ALL GONE.
 photo IMG_2777_zps34cbecb3.jpg

This too was gone before the party was over.
 photo IMG_2778_zps64bbbbd0.jpg

 photo IMG_2780_zpsf81854cb.jpg

This reminded me of 2 quack DJs during the Red Bull Tagged event. #SMH
 photo IMG_2781_zpsa68f3452.jpg

Word to Rick Ross, lol.
 photo IMG_2784_zps507fd995.jpg

Kick game proper.
 photo IMG_2786_zpsed05f7c7.jpg

 photo IMG_2787B_zps4866feaf.jpg

My IIIs are dying.
 photo IMG_2789_zps1048f215.jpg

Cake cake cake cake cake! (Thanks, Joey and Yvette!)
 photo IMG_2791_zps9e1205de.jpg

These two plus their mom = hilarity. I am now an adopted Balagot.
 photo IMG_2792_zpsa2f2c278.jpg

Fast food Pho to sober up.
 photo IMG_2794_zps2111502b.jpg

Red eyes realize real lies.
 photo IMG_2798_zps47690662.jpg

 photo IMG_2799B_zpsc9280e2d.jpg

Like a bawse.
 photo IMG_2800_zps019e6b45.jpg

Tastes like ass but it does the trick!
 photo IMG_2801_zps19caca06.jpg

And that was that.
 photo IMG_2802B_zpsa42baaa3.jpg

I'll see you on the west side!

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