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| Posted in | Posted on Saturday, July 13, 2013

I had nothing planned the whole weekend so when I saw people tweeting about the launch of the new Toyota Vios at the NBC Tent, I hit up someone part of the event and asked her to include my name on the guest list (Thank you. You know who you are!). I have never been to a car launch before so I thought it would be cool to check it out. Plus I was hoping to see my son's godfather and say what up. (He owns a few Toyota dealerships in  the country.)

Shout outs to all the lovely people I saw. Now it's time for some photos + a video. It's Toyota, not Toy Yoda! #startthefun
 photo IMG_2605_zpscaffd433.jpg

Friday fun! (click to play)

Welcome to Vios Vibe.
 photo IMG_2606_zpscf431ed3.jpg

Got to NBC Tent 10 minutes before this kick-ass duo went on stage.
 photo IMG_2608_zpscde86d1b.jpg

 photo IMG_2609_zpscf308e23.jpg

MC Sarah Meier.
 photo IMG_2610_zps5a95167d.jpg

DJ Mars Miranda.
 photo IMG_2614_zpsc25371c7.jpg

Anikka and DJP.
 photo IMG_2615_zpsab87635d.jpg

What up Melvin!
 photo IMG_2616_zpsd2e0dfcf.jpg

It's adoborat!
 photo IMG_2617_zps3b68699f.jpg

DJ Euric.
 photo IMG_2619_zpsdb62fcf4.jpg

Tonight's bar.
 photo IMG_2622_zps4fdfecf9.jpg

Friendly bartenders.
 photo IMG_2622B_zps6c31dce3.jpg

It's always a good night around when the open bar consists of good liquor.
 photo IMG_2622C_zps7b0eaba5.jpg

I had a few rounds of everything except for SKYY and Patron.
 photo IMG_2622D_zps95a34b34.jpg

Eric Virata aka Slick Rick.
 photo IMG_2623_zps1d98b76c.jpg

Sanya Smith aka hot stuff.
 photo IMG_2624_zps84994c18.jpg

Aren, Jeff, Rosario and Archie.
 photo IMG_2625_zps96d50b7b.jpg

 photo IMG_2628B_zpsf4eb7326.jpg

Thank you, Sarah!
 photo IMG_2632B_zpsa4af8fc4.jpg

Notti by nature.
 photo IMG_2633_zps4538521e.jpg

Geoff on the grind.
 photo IMG_2634_zps8a6c3986.jpg

Sarah's feet.
 photo IMG_2635_zps7f972ef9.jpg

 photo IMG_2640_zpse9f2a22c.jpg

 photo IMG_2642_zps93e3e3c8.jpg

It's Miss Mae!
 photo IMG_2643_zps322ff055.jpg

I grabbed this plate to counter the effects of too much alcohol.
 photo IMG_2644B_zps086e534a.jpg

 photo IMG_2645_zps4c204655.jpg

There it is. The new Toyota Vios! #startthefun
 photo IMG_2646_zps568378a6.jpg

 photo IMG_2650_zpsbd013ccc.jpg

Do you see DJ Amely?
 photo IMG_2654_zps7199c2a1.jpg

 photo IMG_2658_zpsce73cdbb.jpg

Turnnnnnnnnn up!
 photo IMG_2664_zps5c0d050f.jpg

 photo IMG_2665B_zpsf8b8c02e.jpg

Uno, dos, tres. Yes!
 photo IMG_2666_zpsefe1aabd.jpg

I stayed away from this madness.
 photo IMG_2667_zpsa0bd100e.jpg

Al don't go towards the light!
 photo IMG_2668_zpsc7b80937.jpg

 photo IMG_2669_zps28763732.jpg

 photo IMG_2670_zps939f6f5a.jpg

I love this guy's work.
 photo IMG_2672_zpsa3d43cd4.jpg

Boom and his date with Tony.
 photo IMG_2676_zps9d82986e.jpg

Sam plus one.
 photo IMG_2677_zps4e08a6f6.jpg

DJ Ace Ramos!
 photo IMG_2680_zpsf4de8145.jpg

 photo IMG_2681_zps150962e6.jpg

I have been seeing a lot of Wendell lately. Fun dude to get drunk around with.
 photo IMG_2684B_zps89115d27.jpg

Melvin taking over the dance floor.
 photo IMG_2686_zpsb85fcb5f.jpg

Do you see her?
 photo IMG_2691_zps4160e14b.jpg

 photo IMG_2692_zps95f20e32.jpg

 photo IMG_2693_zpsc20b254d.jpg

Mr. and Mrs. Atayde.
 photo IMG_2694_zps0933b473.jpg

Ace and Mars combo!
 photo IMG_2695_zps6f2d71f1.jpg

 photo IMG_2698_zpsf8590a19.jpg

 photo IMG_2702_zps6bac25ce.jpg

Gourmet Footwear, yo. Get yours HERE.
 photo IMG_2703_zps839bdfed.jpg

Bands a make us dance.
 photo IMG_2705_zpsfe163c82.jpg

Man, this dude was on a mission.
 photo IMG_2709_zps6e2aa83d.jpg

Not sure if drunk or John Travolta.
 photo IMG_2715_zps105c022e.jpg

Thank you, Toyota!
 photo IMG_2719_zps7c715691.jpg

Next stop? Hyve!
 photo IMG_2720_zps93121c7f.jpg

Lovely couple!
 photo IMG_2721_zps412e6b21.jpg

Left coast with the most.
 photo IMG_2722_zps303476f3.jpg

Sweet things by the foot.
 photo IMG_2723_zps7486d5a9.jpg

I forgot I missed dinner so we stopped here for a quick bite before heading home.
 photo IMG_2726_zps8c7482ee.jpg

It doesn't look it but the wait time here is always at least 15 minutes. (Tip: They can serve the food in your car.)
 photo IMG_2728_zps2c95ec96.jpg

The rice was oily but hey it did the trick!
 photo IMG_2732_zps42e56425.jpg

Check out the new Toyota Vios HERE!

Now off to a quiet Saturday and Sunday.


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