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| Posted in | Posted on Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I was on my way to The Distillery Fort when I got a text from Mark we Legendary saying that he was at Titan Burgos. I dropped by to say hello one last time. Thank you Titan Burgos for all the great sneaker memories. Now on to BIGGER things!
 photo IMG_9796_zps6eee6b9a.jpg

The Beginning.
 photo IMG_9798_zps062da3d2.jpg

The End.
 photo IMG_9797_zps31b2892b.jpg

The Chair.
 photo IMG_9799_zpsa8b78e07.jpg

The Floor.
 photo IMG_9800_zps10b3c2a7.jpg

The Homies.
 photo IMG_9806B_zps765f5f31.jpg

The Gods.
 photo IMG_9809_zps0b1243be.jpg

The Goodbye.
 photo IMG_9812B_zps2da45c46.jpg

We will miss you, Titan Burgos!


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