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| Posted in , , | Posted on Sunday, June 30, 2013

I'm back at Aracama again, this time for SunDAZED v.12! I can never say no to 100 peso drink specials and great company. 
 photo IMG_2147_zps1cbc2cbf.jpg

You don't need a hundred people to have fun. (click to play)

Gift cheques raffled off. Thank you we Legendary!
 photo IMG_2148B_zpsbdbd88b9.jpg

Draft for a quick bite.
 photo IMG_2150_zps2cf7d2d1.jpg

It's Zaey and Mackie!
 photo IMG_2154_zpsd7532470.jpg

I'd eat that!
 photo IMG_2155_zpscf4bcd7b.jpg

This was menh.
 photo IMG_2156_zps99bf903e.jpg

Hella pricey.
 photo IMG_2157_zps2cf0c480.jpg

Joey Too Fresh so clutch!
 photo IMG_2160_zpsa47ad65b.jpg

Team LMS tees.
 photo IMG_2161_zps41d875a4.jpg

Everything you see here is for sale. Email!
 photo IMG_2163_zpse49451fa.jpg

 photo IMG_2164_zpsd88525b8.jpg

Tees were all gone before the night was over.
 photo IMG_2166_zps27859142.jpg

It's Your Daily Dose of Marc!
 photo IMG_2168_zps506428c7.jpg

Last Man Standing.
 photo IMG_2169_zps7b847cea.jpg

I, too, rep Team LMS. (let me smang)
 photo IMG_2170B_zpsbf78e2f2.jpg

SunDAZED special.
 photo IMG_2171_zps86a386d4.jpg

One of my favs from The Bay, Yvette!
 photo IMG_2172B_zps3c638f84.jpg

Then this fun chola came.
 photo IMG_2175_zps9f308d1d.jpg

No blur.
 photo IMG_2176_zps446b2ba7.jpg

Mexican Seahawk.
 photo IMG_2177_zps732280d4.jpg

Mexican duckface.
 photo IMG_2178_zps25dd4e4a.jpg

Señorita Margaux.
 photo IMG_2179_zpsf348d4db.jpg

See you when you get back from Australia, Dann!
 photo IMG_2180_zps18400b95.jpg

Maria so cute with her Nikes.
 photo IMG_2182_zps91205275.jpg

Joey and Yvette.
 photo IMG_2184_zps5257fad3.jpg

Zaey and Anikka.
 photo IMG_2185_zpsaf68a7a2.jpg

Two M's.
 photo IMG_2186_zpsca229a11.jpg

 photo IMG_2187_zpsa5189a24.jpg

 photo IMG_2188_zps9d054574.jpg

Thanks for coming, guys!
 photo IMG_2189_zps0b629b72.jpg

 photo IMG_2190_zps79c1a2d7.jpg

 photo IMG_2191_zps25b1410f.jpg

DJ Skratchmark with the closing set.
 photo IMG_2192_zps26bb241a.jpg

Raise your Nikes in the Air.
 photo IMG_2193_zps7254da85.jpg

Joey Cholo Fresh
 photo IMG_2194_zpsfdad0607.jpg

What up Carlo!
 photo IMG_2195_zps796bc146.jpg

Martin is that dude.
 photo IMG_2196_zpsd398d5ef.jpg

 photo IMG_2197_zps4d07cc1c.jpg

Winners. Congratulations!
 photo IMG_2200B_zpsef69becd.jpg

Time to turn it up.
 photo IMG_2201_zps17155d7e.jpg

Doña Sarah.
 photo IMG_2202_zpsd276aaee.jpg

 photo IMG_2203B_zpsc407a925.jpg

 photo IMG_2204_zpsb6eacab3.jpg

 photo IMG_2205_zps1b525a7d.jpg

 photo IMG_2206_zps4413c97d.jpg

To end her birthday week.
 photo IMG_2207_zps2088f948.jpg

Never leave the DJ out.
 photo IMG_2208_zps1f5ef168.jpg

Shikko made it!
 photo IMG_2209_zps45004742.jpg

 photo IMG_2210B_zps2cd2b2d7.jpg

 photo IMG_2211_zps30be569c.jpg

 photo IMG_2212_zpsb51a35ca.jpg

Getting down.
 photo IMG_2213_zps7b34c30c.jpg

What up Ryan. What up Sherwin.
 photo IMG_2214_zpsb9faafef.jpg

 photo IMG_2215_zpsb1cea4ca.jpg

 photo IMG_2217_zps319bb7c6.jpg

Thank you Team LMS!
 photo IMG_2218_zps0c3dede2.jpg

 photo IMG_2219_zps4fdfac9a.jpg

Joey The Creeper, lol.
 photo IMG_2220_zps426bf7db.jpg

 photo IMG_2222_zps96cfe06c.jpg

Austin, Margaux and Hans.
 photo IMG_2223_zps3e1492ee.jpg

 photo IMG_2224_zps350188b5.jpg

 photo IMG_2225_zpsb61e1a9b.jpg

 photo IMG_2226_zps107226e7.jpg

Homies fo' life.
 photo IMG_2228B_zpsdedc113e.jpg

 photo IMG_2229_zps2de0c30e.jpg

The Balagots.
 photo IMG_2230B_zps0653b39c.jpg

Everything alright, Maria?
 photo IMG_2231_zps7f0b6ec1.jpg

 photo IMG_2233_zps1222c579.jpg

Martin downing the last drops.
 photo IMG_2234_zpsf11b2087.jpg

 photo IMG_2235_zps5555157d.jpg

 photo IMG_2236_zps3288e729.jpg

 photo IMG_2237_zps19c44628.jpg

Spot the photobomber.
 photo IMG_2239_zps21668fa5.jpg

 photo IMG_2240_zps9a9c06ae.jpg

Whose kid is this?
 photo IMG_2241_zpse669bb01.jpg

This was hella good. Thanks for the cake, Sarah!
 photo IMG_2242_zps53d72ea4.jpg

I wanted to eat some rolls before the event but it was closed. Checked again after SunDAZED and they were open. Yay!
 photo IMG_2245_zpsa8a10544.jpg

Man, fuck the Seahawks.
 photo IMG_2246_zpsb42b163d.jpg

My fav, dynamite roll.
 photo IMG_2248_zps91bbcdd4.jpg

Dragon roll.
 photo IMG_2250_zps34bfcd7b.jpg

My bed never felt so good after a fun and tiring weekend.

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