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| Posted in , | Posted on Friday, June 21, 2013

I'll bet you a pair of Lebron X Denim that my Friday was better than yours. Not bragging but just sharing how crazy it was.

With only 1 hour of sleep I found myself at we Legendary Kamuning for Go Skate Day and Mark Calvo's 5thply release.
 photo IMG_1757_zps5c72302d.jpg

Man of the hour.
 photo IMG_1758_zps27d2cbe0.jpg

Davao represent.
 photo IMG_1761_zpscadf666e.jpg

Free beer that I didn't touch.
 photo IMG_1762_zpsab1b434b.jpg

Full house.
 photo IMG_1763_zps4f381dbe.jpg

Kid got a new deck and some good ribbing.
 photo IMG_1764_zps59876d88.jpg

This is skate.
 photo IMG_1766_zpsf3784c86.jpg

It's a Janoski world.
 photo IMG_1768_zpsd504d17b.jpg

The drive from Kamuning to The Fort only took 15 minutes! Say what up to Team LMS.
 photo IMG_1769_zps8c932c21.jpg

Martin, DT, Raoul, Enki, PJ, Vince and Levon.
 photo IMG_1771_zps9eb7c356.jpg

Anikka on the look out for "goons," lol.
 photo IMG_1772_zpsed37a77d.jpg

Lebron X Denim madness.
 photo IMG_1773_zps27aa6b6d.jpg

Free booze with DJ Ace providing the jams!
 photo IMG_1774_zps48a0910c.jpg

From the counter.
 photo IMG_1775_zps92a1e1f4.jpg

Straight to my feet. Thanks Titan!
 photo IMG_1782_zps2ffb8350.jpg

Ace, Bianca and Wella.
 photo IMG_1776_zps3abe4b0e.jpg

Cups galore.
 photo IMG_1780_zps59e5ef3e.jpg

Su and Mark we Legendary.
 photo IMG_1781_zpsfbe9b593.jpg

 photo IMG_1783_zps04d14132.jpg

 photo IMG_1784_zps9948214f.jpg

 photo IMG_1785_zps66b2205a.jpg

 photo IMG_1787_zps468b177d.jpg

 photo IMG_1788_zpsb175fef9.jpg

Kick game proper.
 photo IMG_1789_zps435a6d8e.jpg

Glorietta Parkway for Shawarma Bros, bro!
 photo IMG_1790_zps68cfbe3e.jpg

My ex-wife's favorite number. Hi Kathy!
 photo IMG_1793_zps38df32db.jpg

Lamb yum.
 photo IMG_1795_zpsfabf76d2.jpg

I don't remember if this was good or not.
 photo IMG_1796_zpsa07e9108.jpg

Oh snap, it's CJ's crew! Say what up to Willy Santos and Raibyn with Wendell and Anikka.
 photo IMG_1797_zps9ed427d8.jpg

The look on Linda's face when she saw me, lol.
 photo IMG_1798_zps8fd83bef.jpg

Wendell is a pimp!
 photo IMG_1799_zpsb5961e74.jpg

Angelo and Reena.
 photo IMG_1800_zpsb009823e.jpg

Forgot this dude's name but what up man if you're reading this.
 photo IMG_1807B_zps3506420c.jpg

When things started to get blurry.
 photo IMG_1808_zpsebe956d8.jpg

Undigested Shawarma Bros after blacking out from too much alcohol and waking up in the car at 8 in the morning.
 photo IMG_1809_zps0d1976a0.jpg

Pho to heal the hurt.
 photo IMG_1810_zpsf4514f85.jpg

EJ with the cure.
 photo IMG_1811_zpsbd9789b1.jpg

After going through this entry, was your Friday better than mine? If so, then you can have this.
 photo IMG_1939_zpsc0414f1c.jpg


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yo dude im the guy in the picture with the denim shirt haha, i asked you if you were Kingcrux remember? i'm from the bay area too.. my names joel lomotan haha too bad about your lebrons!