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| Posted in | Posted on Thursday, June 27, 2013

The store that I have been promoting all year is now open. Great job Paul and Anton. I can't wait to see things in full swing! Roll through and I guarantee you that you'll see something you like. Not even 30 seconds in and 8 pairs caught my eye!
 photo IMG_1983_zpsed15b3e2.jpg

Walk through the entire store in under 2 minutes. (click to play)

 photo IMG_1984_zps09a83a0f.jpg

 photo IMG_1989_zpsbf51fe08.jpg

You can't go wrong with Clae.
 photo IMG_1990_zps19a0a95e.jpg

 photo IMG_1991_zps476ca69a.jpg

 photo IMG_1992_zpsd172c7e5.jpg

 photo IMG_1993_zps8bb65a13.jpg

 photo IMG_1994_zps736c5b60.jpg

 photo IMG_1995_zpsd6b8319a.jpg

 photo IMG_1996_zps9e312e17.jpg

 photo IMG_1997_zps4f2919c0.jpg

 photo IMG_1998_zps564948b9.jpg

 photo IMG_1999_zps6199698e.jpg

 photo IMG_2000_zps1cc6293c.jpg

 photo IMG_2003_zps89aced00.jpg

 photo IMG_2005_zpse648f7b7.jpg

 photo IMG_2006_zpsaeb14503.jpg

Sneak Peek has hats.
 photo IMG_2007_zps33656a38.jpg

 photo IMG_2008_zpsfb362397.jpg

 photo IMG_2010_zpsfbedcafd.jpg

 photo IMG_2012_zps002921a3.jpg

 photo IMG_2013_zps681e4872.jpg

 photo IMG_2014_zps7003b993.jpg

 photo IMG_2015_zpsf6affde3.jpg

 photo IMG_2016_zps6109d507.jpg

More brands soon!
 photo IMG_2017_zpsb3035145.jpg

 photo IMG_2018_zps91e7d154.jpg

 photo IMG_2019_zpsc46387a9.jpg

 photo IMG_2021_zps3827f2d1.jpg

Gourmet Footwear.
 photo IMG_2022_zps032b2d38.jpg

 photo IMG_2025_zps14502157.jpg

 photo IMG_2026_zpsd92d95d2.jpg

 photo IMG_2029_zpsf2c18266.jpg

 photo IMG_2030_zpsdfbece5e.jpg

Sneak Peek has sunglasses.
 photo IMG_2031_zpsef3eddd3.jpg

And socks.
 photo IMG_2031B_zpsfd5110d2.jpg

 photo IMG_2032_zps36001372.jpg

 photo IMG_2033_zps2fcd222f.jpg

Even watches.
 photo IMG_2040_zpsdda0b71f.jpg

 photo IMG_2036_zps3f0ba5e0.jpg

 photo IMG_2043B_zps4e403473.jpg

The Sneak Peek crew.
 photo IMG_2044_zpsb7315ce8.jpg

Look who it is. It's Margaux Sue Cortez!
 photo IMG_2045-2_zpsd90c46e2.jpg

Visit Sneak Peek on the 6th level of Shangri-la Plaza Mall! (new wing)

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