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| Posted in | Posted on Thursday, June 20, 2013

I knew something was up when a girl working for Nike's local PR agency started rooting for Miami Heat to win the NBA championship. How are you gonna start cheering for Lebron when you don't even watch basketball? I asked her about this new campaign but she just played it off and acted like it didn't exist. She prolly hasn't heard of Niketalk where photos of the championship pack were first leaked. Imagine if the Spurs won it all! Hahahahaha.

Have you congratulated Lebron yet? I called and said, "Congratulations Lebron but you're still a bitchass for leaving Cleveland," LOL. Please don't call me a hater. I used to be the biggest Lebron fan until he bailed on his old team. He's a beast on the court and even I won't deny that. Now if I can only get my hands on a pack! Ogilvy, you thurrr?

New TV spot and championship product pack salute James’s pursuit of greatness and a season well played.

PHILIPPINES, JUNE 2013—Nike launches a new campaign to honor LeBron James’s second straight championship. After clinching tonight’s Game 7 victory, James helped lead Miami to become only the fourth team in the League to win back-to-back titles.

The new Nike Basketball campaign “Leave a Message” debuted immediately following Miami’s victory on digital and social media channels. It acknowledges James’s quest for greatness, told via voice messages from basketball luminaries and influential figures for James, including, Spike Lee, Warren Buffet, Dr. Dre, Coach K, Phil Knight, Drake, Bill Russell and kids from The LeBron James Family Foundation. Fans can call the phone number at the end of the spot to leave a personal message for James.

Nike Basketball also pays tribute to James’s leadership and perseverance with a limited-edition championship pack, including, the LEBRON X PS ELITE, the LEBRON X LOW, two hats and a T-shirt.

Worn by James in Game 1 of the 2013 Finals, the LEBRON X PS ELITE has a red upper skin with a gloss geometric palm-leaf graphic inspired by Miami’s signature Art Deco architecture and native plant life. The shoes sock-liners are imprinted with “2-time champion” on the left and the seasons “11-12, 12-13” on the right.

The LEBRON X LOW sports an upper skin with a unique floral palm splatter print showcasing birds of paradise and palm trees. The upper is finished with a black matte skin with gloss chromaflair palm print graphic from toe to midsole and a glow-in-the-dark outsole. It also has imprinted “2-time champion” and “11-12, 12-13” sock-liners to celebrate James’s championship.

The two shoes and hats will be sold in a pack and will be available in very limited quantities in North America and China. The championship “Witness 2” T-shirt is available to pre-order on and will hit stores globally early next week.

 photo LBJX_Finals_Pack_HERO_V3_20913_zpsec76f8f8.jpg

 photo LBJX_Finals_Pack_GROUP_BOX_20911_zps6abc6a62.jpg

 photo LBJX_Finals_Pack_ELITE_PAIR_v2_20917_zps5214379f.jpg

Gold Swoosh and speckled midsoles turn me on.
 photo LBJX_Finals_Pack_ELITE_DET_1_20912_zps127f063d.jpg

 photo LBJX_Finals_Pack_ELITE_DET_3_20910_zps1e1686a8.jpg

 photo LBJX_Finals_Pack_ELITE_DET_2_20914_zps9bd74ee8.jpg

 photo LBJX_Finals_Pack_RED_HAT_20919_zps04fe4b85.jpg

These are beautiful.
 photo LBJX_Finals_Pack_LOW_PAIR_GLOW_20915_zpsbe5599da.jpg

 photo LBJX_Finals_Pack_LOW_DET_1_20916_zpse0ff5724.jpg

 photo LBJX_Finals_Pack_LOW_DET_2_20921_zpsd59b6a2d.jpg

 photo LBJX_Finals_Pack_LOW_DET_2_20921_zpsd59b6a2d.jpg

Maybe I'll get the tee?
 photo LBJX_Finals_Pack_TEE_20918_zps78eced96.jpg

Maybe. :\

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