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| Posted in | Posted on Thursday, June 06, 2013

Mark we Legendary is back in town and handed me this as soon as he hopped in the car. What could it be? Hmmm...
 photo IMG_1497_zps874e1e63.jpg

Second order of the day. Hello there, Jen! (ex-Converse)
 photo IMG_1498_zps08ff2211.jpg

 photo IMG_1499_zps9c852c52.jpg

Headed over to Titan Two Parkade after a quick meeting and bumped into birthday girl Mara with her daughter Maggi. Both had the same shoes on as Mark we Legendary. Bulls on Bulls on Bulls!
 photo IMG_1500_zpsbe6a1a63.jpg

 photo IMG_1502_zps861b6bac.jpg

To kill time and quench our Hoegaarden thirst.
 photo IMG_1503_zps8e45bb14.jpg

 photo IMG_1504_zpsc82d442f.jpg

We saw Jandric walking on High Street and kidnapped him for a drink.
 photo IMG_1506_zpsd381eaf7.jpg

What was in the box. I don't sleep, I don't skate. My hours according to this wall clock are restricted to eating, drinking and fucking. Nice. Maybe I should write over "sleep" and "skate" and replace them with "fap" and "fap again." Thanks, Mark!
 photo IMG_1511_zpsd5629932.jpg

Now I'm craving for Borough's grilled cheese and TOMATO soup.

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