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| Posted in | Posted on Friday, June 14, 2013

It was Erica's last night out before her Euro vacay so I headed out to support her and Margaux's event at Chihuahua Mexican Grill. Good beats plus tasty eats, oh yeah. It's LIMON SQUEEZE Friday!
 photo IMG_1637_zpsc7ac6aca.jpg

Nice hair, dude.
 photo IMG_1638_zps43ca6dea.jpg

Nice tee, dude.
 photo IMG_1639_zpsfdc3334b.jpg

Nice jams, dude.
 photo IMG_1640_zps1be2cc5a.jpg

Nice moves, dudes.
 photo IMG_1641_zps0363d771.jpg

 photo IMG_1645_zps15c8b092.jpg

Paredes on Paredes.
 photo IMG_1646_zpsaaca2d65.jpg

Let me squeeze them!
 photo IMG_1650_zpsb689b8c7.jpg

I wanted to eat her bowl. (cashier got my order wrong)
 photo IMG_1651_zps1b19c4b0.jpg

 photo IMG_1652_zps08b7bd49.jpg

Time to play!
 photo IMG_1652B_zps178d2363.jpg

Me vs. Sarah.
 photo IMG_1653_zps5895b854.jpg

I grew up with these ladies. Last time they saw me I was maybe 4 feet tall. Hey Cathy! What up Lally!
 photo IMG_1654_zpsd2e71380.jpg

Mark we Legendary in the building!
 photo IMG_1655_zpsc4787d7b.jpg

 photo IMG_1657_zpsf6cd56f1.jpg

 photo IMG_1658_zps2d6cc3f0.jpg

I missed this woman!
 photo IMG_1659_zps1adbe397.jpg

Look who's back in town. Say what up to Yvette!
 photo IMG_1660_zpsc0d8fe6e.jpg

All falls down... in the salsa bowl.
 photo IMG_1661_zps22124e03.jpg

Lady Jedis?
 photo IMG_1662_zps56abdca3.jpg

 photo IMG_1663_zps0606cc69.jpg

My favs.
 photo IMG_1664_zpsd1f5d5f5.jpg

She knows what's up.
 photo IMG_1666B_zpse411c84d.jpg

Taking over Erica's spot as one of the Powder Room Girls, lol. Enjoy your vacay. We shall miss you!
 photo IMG_1670A_zps10e4e853.jpg

First time at Hyve.
 photo IMG_1670B_zps373e5427.jpg

These two!
 photo IMG_1671_zps38b1002f.jpg

Rosario's chain, though.
 photo IMG_1672B_zpsb6660775.jpg

Happy birthday Carolyne!
 photo IMG_1673_zps19b8b6db.jpg

Me: Where's Aubrey? Cody: I'm here. LOL.
 photo IMG_1674_zpse4b4eb5d.jpg

Happy birthday Don, Jon and KC!
 photo IMG_1675_zps9a65d179.jpg

Thrice the fun.
 photo IMG_1677_zps333b193b.jpg

Wendell is THE man.
 photo IMG_1678_zps8f24f482.jpg

Twerk it birthday girl!
 photo IMG_1679_zps4fa3d91c.jpg

Next stop? Privé for DJ Skratchmark's set.
 photo IMG_1680_zps292da818.jpg

Hey ladies!
 photo IMG_1683_zps72a9a3aa.jpg

To cap a night that just won't end.
 photo IMG_1684_zpsf775f072.jpg

This over IHOP.
 photo IMG_1693_zpsb862da73.jpg

Like, seriously.
 photo IMG_1698_zpsbac284b0.jpg

Now to the after party.


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