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| Posted in , | Posted on Wednesday, December 01, 2010

But please do not drop your gat.

If a round went off, people would've shat.

In their pants. On the floor, blood will crawl.

All because you decided to bring a gun to the mall?

Seriously son, where they do that at?

Coz I'd rather see you get shot, than some innocent person not knowing who, why, how and what.


Photos and videos from last night!

21 flavors to choose from. Nike AW77 Hoodie. Exclusive at Nike Park High Street.

Fans waiting patiently

I my Ogilvy peeps


My 6pm, Nicole and Roe (Urban Athletics)

Birthday boy Paolo and Kath

Smile for Nike Park!

Miss Mae with the intro (click to play)

Here we go! (click to play)

What's Your Poison? (click to play)

Nike trifecta. Jerwin, Miss Mae and Tony.

One word. WOW.

Headed to Ronac for Wednesday Night Lights. Say hello to Mr. Ronac.

Banjo loves his beer

Didn't I say lights? Let's go inside and have a look.

It's Edouard and Notti (Progress) with Mr. wL!

Tres amigas Vicky, Sarah and Christel


Please handle with care. Vandals will be dealt with accordingly.

Fifty peso goodness

* BURP *

View the full set HERE.

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looks like a very lively event! Very Nice!!!