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| Posted in | Posted on Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Click HERE to view photos from the Vans event last night!

I'll be back with more photos and a few videos.

For now I'll give you a reason why you should visit Vans Glorietta 3 ASAP. (Beside CPK)

Vans Bash Vulc Hosoi. SO. EFFING. SICK.

Thank you Vans!

Pop art lining and insoles

Big shout outs to the Vans family and the Styles crew for a fun fun night!

Please remind me next time not to let DJ SKRATCHMARK get behind the wheel.


*** EDIT ***

Back with the videos!

DJ M.O.D. on the 1s and 2s (click to play)

After-party at Encore! (click to play)

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gotcha rj,

anyway sorry to put my message in your blog Kingcrux31.

Rj do you still need the receipt that i gave you for the lebrons? I somehow need it to put in my file at titan. I know i already gave them to you, but i also need it to catch up for players club. thanks Rj and apologies for the miscommunication. My bad.

thanks again to Lindsey by the way.



sorry toots but its not with me anymore, its with titan already. i used it to apply for a players club membership.. if you need a receipt ill give you the next one when i cop at Titan.

Ey Jo, sorry again to invade your blog with my messages to rj...

RJ, oh i see. no worries its all good. I think thats fair enough... just make sure your next purchase is worth 7995. Alright? Hahaha!