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| Posted in | Posted on Saturday, December 04, 2010

Crazy day yesterday at everyone's favorite skateshop.



You guys never fail to surprise and amaze me. * TIPS HAT * (click to play)

1st customer shopping for skate stuff

Surprise! (click to play)

It always pays off to be first in line

The next 40 customers got to pick a stub from a box full of prizes. Stickers, posters, tees, DVDs, fitteds and even free shoes! STATUS Magazine was also in the house with complimentary issues for the early birds. Now that's what's up!

Courtesy of Mr. Migs Rocha. Thanks man!

He went ape on WIPCAPS!

They took home Justene Jaro

He bought a pair of jeans for 500 pesos and got the Nike SB winning stub. Lucky dude!

Martin (solemovement)


Motherly love

Customers non-stop for 5 hours

Deck not from wL but hey, it's all love!

Migs is 3 pairs happy

Hello DeSemBer * WINK *

Ready for war

And the party begins

It's Money!

All of the lights

Getting some rest after a very tiring but fulfilling day

Last customers, all the way from Bicol!

Click HERE to view the full set.

Thank you to all the patient people who waited in line for hours.

Shout outs to all the brands and STATUS Magazine.

You guys are the best!


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