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| Posted in | Posted on Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 was rough!

The first 3 quarters were :(

Then I turned 32 :)

Here's a little recap of what happened the past year.

I present to you... THE TOP THIRTY ONE ENTRIES OF 2010! (click on the links to view the original entries)

2. New blog layout!

3. Amber Lamps. Call 'em!

4. The City on my mind!

5. Christine Mendoza loves me!

7. Julie's vacay!

8. Meet The Herreras!

16. Tap Tap Pull! My way of saying hi to my kids. (as I always enjoyed tying their shoelaces)

(click to play)

(click to play)

(click to play)

19. I jump! You jump!

20. wL turns two!

28. wL x Ronac! (click to play)

29. Early Christmas! (click to play)

30. #NT XI!

31. :)!

2011, please be kinder to me?


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