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Alright first things first.

If you won a pair of Nike SBs, please email your contact info and shoe size. I will get back to you no later than Friday on how to claim your prize.

If you won a pair of New Balance, please email for your pair.

Lastly, if you won a pair of Reebok Zig Slash, please wait for my announcement on facebook, twitter and nketlk before you claim your pair because the shoe won't be out 'til next week.


If you blogged about Friday night, please email your link to and I'll forward it to the brands who supported the event. Who knows? Maybe next time they'll support your event.

I'll keep this short because I have tons of photos to share with you plus a 15 minute video.

I would like to thank the following brands and people. (In no particular order)

Bigboy and Ronac Art Center - * BOWS DOWN *
Urban Athletics - Toby, Roe, Lawrence, and Nicole. Wasn't that a nice surprise? :)
Creative Recs - Katrina (awesome note!), Karen (hi) and Ivan
Nike - Miss Mae (going G on me with a one word email reply - DONE.)
Reebok - Villy (I'm glad I got you guys on board!)
Sole Movement - Martin helping out with adidas and New Balance. Thanks also for the kit.
Vans - Wendell never fails. The samples Paolo picked were A+!
Converse - Jen, I told you! Now that wasn't that hard, huh? :p
New Balance - Thank you for the recognition. I hope to meet you guys soon.
adidas - Jillian giving way even though it was last minute. Hooray for the Three Stripes!
weLegendary - All help is greatly appreciated.
DJs and performers (Medmessiah, Melt, GRAE, Same Team) - The night would've been hella boring without you guys!
UNSCHLD, Secret Service, Terminal and Progress - Thank you for extending your store hours to join the celebration!

Now when was the last time you saw a sneaker summit sponsored by all these brands/stores?



You don't believe me? Ask Ben Baller HERE.

To my #NT fam, this one is for you!

Video first so you won't miss it. It's long but please do watch. The first minute is GOLDEN. (click to play)


Birthday Cafe Cupcakes galore!

Hi Karen. :)

Who would buy cupcakes at a sneaker summit you ask? People who want to win some awesome prizes! 1 cupcake + 1 cookie = raffle stub. Smart, eh? :p Peep the line.

Chrizo and B-Roc

Marquiss and Jose

Nikko, Vince and Martin (Sole Movement)

Lovebirds Bradley and Mackie

What up fellas

Ladies in J's

Spot the not

Katrina (Creative Recs) with the bf

Ryan and Jen (Converse)

What up Doc!

Same Team

Toots was early for the midnight release. 8 hours early!

Jami and Shikko The Sheep

Banjo with lil' Sarah

Girl on the right has a sick tatt on the right part of her body.

Nice Oly VIIs man!

Two bottles for you!

Marquiss on the mic

Peep the different facial expressions ha ha

Erica (sick ink!) and Abdul

MDVL, JC and RJ inside Terminal


Mongeazy in the hizzouse!

35 prizes in all! CONS, adidas Originals, Vans samples, Jason Markk Premium Sneaker Solution plus...

Five winners of Nike SBs

Five winners of Urban Athletics GCs (worth 3,000 pesos each)

Five winners of Creative Recs sneakers

Five winners of Reebok Zig Slash aka do the John Wall Dougie

Five winners of New Balance Classics.

To avoid being accused of rigging the raffle, I asked two volunteers to help out draw the brands and names. Jose and Margaux happily helped out. Thanks you two!

Jay-R loves his CONS Trapasso.

You are correct Jandric, 3 Urban Athletics GCs worth 1,000 pesos each.

Shikko with the Kanye shrug

Do the Dougie Mackie while rocking your Reebok Zig Slash.

Migs New Balance's first winner

Gisa Paredes is Creative Recs lucky

The laces match your tee dude!

Nio with his Nike SB envelope

Do the John Wall courtesy of Reebok.

wL regular came up with some Urban Athletics GCs.

Three Stripes happy.

Your Vans samples match your tee!

Toots cleans well with Jason Markk

Not his size but Super Mikki with a dope pair of denim Vans samples

Hello Austin. Welcome to the world of Nike SB.

Josh with a Creative Recs certificate. Let me know what you end up picking up!

Smile for Urban Athletics

Long Live represent!

Your boyfriend is one lucky person coz I don't see you keeping those! :p

Even the DJ won! Medmessiah with a pair of sick Vans samples.

It wasn't his size but he was happy.

I'm jealous! Totally feeling the gray-gum combo.

Abdul winning a pair of Nike SBs. Any of you SF cats recognize this dude? He was the manager at True on Haight.

Another Vans winner

Thanks Erica! Order your Birthday Cafe Cupcakes HERE.

What up Tom!

wL midnight release was a bit delayed but people still stuck around

Nice play on Compton

Braved the midnight release to get the good stuff

More cinnamon goodness

Nice tee, dude!

Turbulence Crew reppin' NTPI

More happy wL customers

Jay-R, Melanie and Dann

And that was that!

Click HERE to view the full set.


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