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| Posted in | Posted on Monday, August 30, 2010

Kathy and CJ sitting in a tree
First comes love,
then comes marriage,
then comes the baby in a golden carriage (No wait! Aren't you ligated?)

No wonder I haven't seen my 3 BOYS in 8 months.

You gonna have their names changed to Montoya too?

I dunno whether to feel sorry for you or him.

Maybe both?

No hate but y'all dun goof'd.

Whoever else is in this can kiss my ass.



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Coz I'm in love with the WAITER...

She really think I'm playing, I'm playing
She take me for a joke when I say it!

Or was that a flower delivery boy from Dangwa?

He got a fivehead!

wow si bentong inlove..goodluck bents..have a happy life

aWow.. so this is what he's been up to.

Nice hair...BWAHAHAHAHAAA!!!

Pinnaster Pinneped

shits funny though.. awhile back while i was at my friends shop some cats from sd came down to sell him some shit and i asked if they knew cjm and they just had all these stories, turned into a shit talking fest

i use to have his site in my feed so i can get some daily laughs. ahhahaha. that was one of the things we talked about when the sd guys came down and about how he buys shit and posts on his blog then ebays after.

nice bowtie cjm! hahahahaha...


Don't worry about it you got way better hair than him anyway!

WoW! All I gotta say is I hate to be on Sir JoJo's bad side! LoL oh...and BTW, tell that guy that "Farnsworth Bentley" wants his Bowtie Back too. LoL!