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| Posted in | Posted on Thursday, September 02, 2010

I headed south Friday night despite the heavy downpour to attend the opening of Bembol's latest exhibit entitled "Nothing Here is Given." Stuff like this is something I really enjoy together with watching people in attendance. Double art is what I call it.

One tip. If it's not a solo exhibit, I suggest you go through the roster of artists before heading inside. You'll know why once you're midway this entry.

Let's start on the ground floor. ALL CUBE EVERYTHING.

I spy M.M.

I see Sam

Look for Poklong

Eyes on you

Monster fish!

I want this in my bathroom

Fowl. Yup, that's the word.

Lock it down


Going back to what I said in the first photo. Guy with the mustache, my buddy in grade school I haven't seen in over 10 years. Dude had the raddest vocals. Now he's one of the legitimate artists reppin' the motherland. Funny how I thought he was part of the exhibit. He prolly got weirded out after I congratulated him. Ha ha ha ha. Nice seeing you again Lyle!

I can spot most shoe brands from a mile away.

Gravis boys. Yo G, they need new sneakers!

More people

What I came for

Guess who this is?

This one?

You already figured it out yet?

Something is missing!

You better check it out yourself. It's worth the trip.

Only the REAL ones know


The main man with the wL fam

Top floor action

Video room

That is a serious piece of art and yes it can be yours. Visit Finale to see the rest or email

112 days 'til Christmas!

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where is this?

Nice set man!