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| Posted in | Posted on Monday, August 02, 2010

TITAN had a preview party Tuesday night and treated everybody in attendance to an evening of fun, food, drinks and music!

All I can say is WOW. This place is a must visit for basketball and sneaker enthusiasts. Need a trim? Titan got you covered with its 4-chair men's barbershop. Now isn't that AWESOME?

Doors open for business starting August 4. For info, updates and store map, visit Titan's site HERE.

1 hour early (click to play)

Store front

"Why don't you have a seat over there?"

Good prices. I can't wait to get a trim here.

I love barber chairs

Maybe I should start collecting them instead of sneakers

Middle pair. Not your regular Filipino AF1. Can you say RARE? 1 out of 4 RARE.

Only the best read

Now you know why

Retro basketball kicks. James Worthy NBs and Dee Brown Pumps are a must!


Jordan Brand wall

Some SICK Zoom Hyperfuses

Lifestyle sneaks

August 4. Click
HERE for more info.

They sell apparel and accessories too!

Nice touch. VERY. NICE. TOUCH.

What up Mesh!

Mars with the first set

The early birds

Mr. Billions

Mrs. Billions

It poured for a bit and these people were the not-so-lucky ones. The lucky ones were where I was with the food and drinks.

Yummy grub by Rue Bourbon

Shoulda listened to Mesh on this one. It really does creep up on you.

Iced tea and draft beer

New beginnings

Martin with Team LMS



Your daily dose of

with Mackie

and Jason

"Detroit is D-D-D-D-DANGER!"

Co-owner Dennis. Nice shadow 1s! I still need a pair.

Sam is the man

Boom with the M-I-C

Co-owner Jeff Cariaso

My favorite Kings fan. Go Warriors! :p

Frame it folks.

Looking good Miss Mae!

I'll email you soon Juan

Thanks Rosario! :)


B is for

What up Miggy!

My friend's favorite DJ

Second Wind's Hector

Notti and Naughty

Lia, you can add her facebook page

Paolo and Miss Mae

Toots Knows

Three Stripes represent!

Nike reunion whut what!

Where's Rely?

Where's Tony?

There you are!

Hello my name is...

Congratulations to Raoul, Dennis and Jeff. Titan is gonna rock. I just know it! Shout out to #NT, Mars, Mark, Ace (bangin' sets!), Juan, Tony, Mae, Jerwin, Kath, Paolo, Rely, Hector, Jon, Rosario, Mesh, Boom, Jinno, Martin, Bianca, Chris, Paul, Mong, Miggy, Migs, Borgy, Julo, Christel, Mikki and the rest of the great peeps I talked to.

Titan again Wednesday night!



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Is there something different about that particular Filipino AF1?

I heard the stitching was different.