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| Posted in , | Posted on Thursday, August 05, 2010

Are better than the main course.

Two of the most underrated SBs for the second half of 2010. One is a future classic. The other one, an easy favorite.

One of the dopest Blazer SBs to reach our shores

The return of a classic. Not leftovers but a re-release. The production date says 2010.

Hype is GOOD but substance is BETTER.

Don't sleep on these folks, REAL enthusiasts know when they see gold.


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tiffs will be the main course!! wew.

Sir, how about the tiffs? :)

Only the pairs posted above will be available starting Saturday. The rest of the August drops SHOULD be available soon.

YEY!! POETS BLAZERS!! POETS Blazer > Mint Janoskis

^ This man speaks the truth.

What did the five fingers say to the face?

Yes Grip Tape Mids! Love Em'!

So there's a possibility that wL's dropping the tiffs? :)

^ Yeah and if they do you'll know about it here first.

how much -nikeSB backpack?
-nikeSB griptape shoe?