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| Posted in | Posted on Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Here's how things went down last night as the weLegendary fam and friends celebrated the shop's 2nd year anniversary.

Grilled chicken dogs, buns, Heinz, roasted chicken, Coke, San Miguel draft, Angel's and S&R pizza, Southern Comfort, Cuban cigars, balut, fishballs and AWESOME PEEPS.


If you got an invite and skipped the event, YOU CLEARLY MISSED OUT.

Spell L-E-G-E-N-D-A-R-Y

Equivalent to 144 bottles of beer

Chicken dogs!


The early birds



Blucka blucka

Two of the greatest

Mr. Stakeout

Your dose of Marc and Mackie

The lone bright spot of Kamuning

Bless wL

(click to play)

It's official

More pizza!

More guests

Cheers to 2 years!

Sober Akuma

Triple M

Peace indeed

THE crew with Mikki and Moi

Peep the sign in the back

Buwahahahahaha. They were mad heated.

Chrizo and Arrah

This is how it's done

(click to play)

Wonder Wong

The blueprint for greatness?

The next drop?

Ting Ting!!! Don't make him mad now.

Bolivar goodness

Two pinks and a blue

You deserve it

Legal and guilt-free high. Cuban cigars FTMFW!

wL cares

Coming soon to a rap video near you. Hahahahaha.

Miko's wiener, half bit

Welcome to the good life

I ate the embryo! (click to play)

Akuma's angels

More beer

Untouched. Is this any good?

Congratulations to Mark and the entire wL fam.

Keep doing great things!


Comments (3)

Good stuff Jojo! when can we expect a CCS x weLegendary event? haha

Sir Jo, that Balut looks mighty tasty! But question, what did you ask the balut sales rep (lol) on the video?

good job!! next year would even more legendary!! more beer!!