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| Posted in , | Posted on Thursday, July 08, 2010

The materials used on this one are spiff

SB state of mind

So fresh and so clean canvas Bruin

Enigma Remix

Story behind the artwork?

Stuffed tongue comeback. Not as thick. Not as stiff. * THUMBS UP *

I'd be surprised if you don't end up with at least one pair.

See you all there!

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Ack!! WEEKEND!! and i have work!! :( why wL why?!

Jojo! How are you bro? When will the tiffany janoskis?? Im coming to manila just for that and holding on to some purchases! hehe

Did consider the P-rod 2.5 Gold swoosh, but janoskis muna :)

Sunil..... We need some good curried up indian food need you back asap....

Definately feelin' the lows! Hi's... Too patriotic IMO, too Tommy Hilfigerish also.

Anytime bro! Tell me, do you guys eat mutton? I'll have chicken and mutton biryani made for y'all :) What else? Kebabs? Chicken curry? :)

Hey Sunil, when will you be in town?