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| Posted in , , | Posted on Monday, July 19, 2010

Sweet ride Mark!

All the Janoski hassle finally paid off. The ground clearance on this beauty rocks!

wL got new decks! BAKER and PRIMITIVE decks. Blink and they're gone!

Some more badass Baker decks

Close-up shot of the wall. Bad Guys series is a trip!


Primitive x Brenda Lynn baby!

This wall never fails to make me giddy

Dinner time!

Authentic Indian food

Not from Sunil. * COUGH COUGH *

Did I say authentic?

* BURP *

wL 2nd Anniversary soon. Show us some love back. Bring food and drinks!


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Do they still have the bruin for size8? Been calling in wL but every time I call, busy.. :|

Yup there still is.

Lol! yup not from me, comin home this monday bro :) Dont worry, i havent forgotten! hahaha

Lemme know what you guys like, your preferences including the spice levels, i'll take care of the rest :)