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| Posted in | Posted on Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Dear Krista,

I never saw you as a friend. We got to work together twice and that was that. I took care of you because if not, some of my ex-coworkers would've eaten you alive. You have to admit, I was good to you and your family during the photo shoot and also the launch of your issue.

I'm not saying I never saw you as a friend because of all the bullshit that's surrounding you right now. I never saw you as a friend because to tell you honestly, I only consider maybe three or four people my REAL friends. I know a lot of people and hang out with different folks but I know who are the only ones I can really count on. You are not one of them.

I sent you messages during the Holidays along with over a hundred people included in my Globe Telecom list. I love taking advantage of unlimited text service. What can I say?

You have every right to be upset over a comment I posted HERE.

Honestly, I do not think you're cheap at all especially if the rumors are true. All five million of them.

I am sorry for the cheap shot. It was a bad joke even though I seriously thought it was a winning entry.

Please forgive me.

Love, Peace and Happiness,


PS. Whoever put you to it is a straight hater. Kudos to you if you found it yourself. You have a strong stomach there girl. Keep it up and more power. I see ABS-CBN's trend in picking up controversial personalities. Word to Maricar Reyes.

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Oh my! This is the real krista? Why does she always makes her self a like a feelingera? She herself don't know who her real friends are.... Tsk.