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| Posted in , , | Posted on Friday, January 15, 2010

I joined the awesome people at wL today for a Nike SB Quickstrike release. It's weird how the store hasn't received its December and January stocks. Maybe next week? Hmmm...

I should go out more often. That way, one person in the same house I live in won't get to use the car as much. I can't believe she messed up a car that was as good as new. SMH.

First cab ride since SF

The music cab drivers play always makes me scratch my head (click to play)

After 20 minutes. Right in time for the 3pm release.

Mark and the wL fam ready for some action


Me likey

Here we go. I love hanging out at Mark's shop. I get to meet a lot of interesting people.

2010 Reebok Kamikaze

Michelle and her lucky boyfriend

She paid and gave him a kiss. Awesome!

More customers


Back inside

Mike visiting from SF

Sam and his cousins reppin' Pampanga. Smile! You are now e-celebrities.

Radyo restocked

Only a few more left so hurry!

After wL, Miko and I went to The Fort for dinner. Yes, we went on a date. No homo. lol. Random question by a follower. "Jojo, why are you always at TGI Friday's" I don't know. It's not even my favorite resto.

First round

Second round

Well done

I want to see this guy use real bottles

Next table. Carlo and wifey.

Nice cam Mackie!

Good to see you again Ryan

G, M and B

Miko trying to get me drunk. Thanks for dinner and drinks man!

Nike Park's M swung by hoping to see MC. EPIC FAIL. lol

We walked to Encore from High St to say what up to Trixie, Jacq, Aubrey and the gang but they were already gone by the time we got there. We saw these folks instead. Nandro and Duane with their buddies.

DJ Skratchmark back in town

Mars after his set

Gentle giant

I had an attack of the munchies and saw this place going to the parking lot. Bought some burgers for us. I forgot what it was called. We just asked for the best seller.

Right when I got the bag it hit me...

Another burger? SMH

It was good though.

* BURP *

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