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| Posted in | Posted on Monday, January 11, 2010

Mark (wL) is back in town for business so expect something to drop VERY SOON. We met up with Miko and Darius at our favorite Mexican joint Ristras. He loves this place so much that he never fails to visit when he's in the city. I can't blame the dude. This place is still number one in my book. It's not only about the food anymore. It's everything. The staff, the owners, the location, the atmosphere and even the street children.

They love us here. Watch out for a burrito challenge soon. Details will be posted here once available.

She knows my burrito well

3 sauces

3 bosses

My steak chimichanga. The one who prepared it patched it up good after the side tore open.

Miko and Mark


My drink

1st round

Thanks you guys and gals! Regards to Philip and Robby.

More bottles


You know they serve good food when the place is still packed past 10pm. Saw my homey Ariel before leaving. Hope you feel better man!

They wanted coffee, I wanted more beer.

Kobe's tattoo


8 feet deep

We're back in full force.

Too bad you offed yourself.

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