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| Posted in , | Posted on Sunday, January 03, 2010

Ever had that feeling that you were gonna get robbed while withdrawing money from an ATM? As much as I rely on debit cards, I can never go about my daily routine without cash in my pocket (goes well with my nice money clip, lol) so I stopped by the nearest ATM before heading to the supermarket. It was a dark spot in the middle of a shady neighborhood so I tried to get some money as fast as possible. To my surprise the dispenser didn't open even though I heard the machine count cash. I seriously thought some gang placed a device on the machine so it won't dispense cash and retrieve it after I leave. I hit the damn machine and tried another transaction. Same result. I checked my balance and after I saw everything was still there, I left with the quickness.

I swear for a minute there I thought I lost some mulah. I kept the receipt just in case.


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It happens on me too!!! Scary...