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| Posted in , , | Posted on Friday, January 22, 2010

Tonight was my eldest son's class night so I swung by Ateneo to watch the Michael Jackson themed program. You know your kids are big when they're made to sleep at school overnight without a guardian.

What does this sign mean?

It took me five minutes to find my son

Parent officers (click to play)

Let the games begin!

Guess which one is my son?

Pass the ping pong ball (click to play)

I think this group won (click to play)

Nice restroom upgrade

Food court

East field?

Mmmmm... Perfect with the chocolate dip

Teachers' turn! (click to play)

I was asked to leave early for nothing. Sigh.

Instead of going home pissed I went to Eastwood to meet up with my beach buddies. Take that!

I Amber Davis. Made my night better.

This was my jam in SF '07 (click to play)

The crowd was full of gangsters. SMH

I wonder if the PI version is any good.


Unlimited margarita for 295 pesos. Not bad.

My steak chimichanga


Where you at Shikko!?

Jen's mom and step dad joined the fun

Jen's mom was hilarious

Just ask Evie

Pa-pa-pa-paker face 0_o

Gab on the EM EYE CEE

My turn

I lost weight again



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