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| Posted in | Posted on Tuesday, August 06, 2013

New drops from Gourmet Footwear now available at Sneak Peek!
 photo IMG_0092_zps98dc82d1.jpg

Gourmet Rossi LX (camo/wht) - 4,990 pesos
 photo IMG_0094_zpsf76d87dd.jpg

Gourmet Cinque 2 MP (blk/wht) - 5,990 pesos
 photo IMG_0098_zps6af0b799.jpg

Gourmet Rossi AP (chta/wht) - 5,290 pesos
 photo IMG_0101_zpsd17afdae.jpg

Gourmet Rossi L (wht/blk) - 3,990 pesos
 photo IMG_0104_zpscc657072.jpg

Gourmet Rossi L (blk/wht) - 3,990 pesos
 photo IMG_0107_zpsd7c498e7.jpg

 photo IMG_0109_zps23714f1b.jpg

 photo IMG_0110_zps17a7bca1.jpg

 photo IMG_0111_zps3f21dcf2.jpg

 photo IMG_0112_zps017165ee.jpg

 photo IMG_0113_zpsc2f51751.jpg

Dress better.
 photo IMG_0114_zps2828a803.jpg

An army of lows.
 photo IMG_0115_zps439a8ebc.jpg

Visit Sneak Peek on the 6th level east wing of Shangri-la Plaza Mall! (call +632.645.0565 for your size)

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