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Trilogy Boutique Glorietta is now open for business! I checked out the space Tuesday afternoon and didn't expect it to be ready by today. Wendell and the gang did it again. Congratulations guys! Now only if Trilogy started serving food again...
 photo IMG_0200_zpsa5014330.jpg

Store walkthrough (click to play)

Here are some of the brands Trilogy carries.
 photo IMG_0201_zps20c12f2b.jpg

 photo IMG_0202_zps916d873b.jpg

Lani and Bam - ISM!
 photo IMG_0203_zps2817562f.jpg

 photo IMG_0204_zpsb0b24e2b.jpg

 photo IMG_0205_zps63f4c389.jpg

Mark Arcenal did good.
 photo IMG_0206_zps466a2c40.jpg

 photo IMG_0207_zps89fc3d68.jpg

 photo IMG_0208_zpsd6d156a3.jpg

The store was packed for hours!
 photo IMG_0209_zpsc9278db7.jpg

 photo IMG_0210_zpsf3a3bdf3.jpg

DJ Teaze provided the jams.
 photo IMG_0211_zpsd13ecf09.jpg

M m m my Corona!
 photo IMG_0212_zpsc9f77eee.jpg

Wendell with the Boys Night Out.
 photo IMG_0250_zpsaceaacd3.jpg

Safe flight back to Uzbekistan, Yvette!
 photo IMG_0285_zpsbb35ff6f.jpg

Of the matter.
 photo IMG_0288_zps8289a05c.jpg

Erica is back woo hoo! (with Sarah, Dylan and Dane)
 photo IMG_0294_zps2cc40a8b.jpg

 photo IMG_0297_zpsad794742.jpg

I guess Dane missed Erica too.
 photo IMG_0298_zps7ff2d061.jpg

It's Calra V!
 photo IMG_0299_zps97bb251d.jpg

Hipster haven.
 photo IMG_0300_zps6c3bb5a0.jpg

Through the window.
 photo IMG_0301_zps30aa5b84.jpg

Thea's son is such a ladies man.
 photo IMG_0304_zpseb0cf4a5.jpg

Mother and daughter.
 photo IMG_0305_zps864745f7.jpg

 photo IMG_0306_zps90b6657b.jpg

 photo IMG_0307_zpsa62809b6.jpg

 photo IMG_0308B_zps3d7129f3.jpg

 photo IMG_0310_zps5fddec87.jpg

Carla likes Keith Haring on her hats.
 photo IMG_0312_zps231b9ed3.jpg

 photo IMG_0313_zpsc92a2aa9.jpg

Vans ladies!
 photo IMG_0314_zpsd9233c5a.jpg

 photo IMG_0315_zpsc736a6c9.jpg

Nice tee, Cody.
 photo IMG_0316_zpscbeb3e59.jpg

Maria aka Yoda. (Asa gave her that nickname)
 photo IMG_0318_zpsf828d12e.jpg

When I grow old I wanna be like Wendell.
 photo IMG_0319_zps636460c8.jpg

 photo IMG_0324_zps838b4249.jpg

Lia in the house!
 photo IMG_0327_zpsbdcbde55.jpg

 photo IMG_0330_zpsfa88fae8.jpg

With two of my favs.
 photo IMG_0331B_zpsa8765416.jpg

I stared at this photo for 5 minutes and ended up with no caption.
 photo IMG_0333_zpse61febec.jpg

Carla trying on my RX'ed sunglasses.
 photo IMG_0335_zps4abd86e8.jpg

Wendell always looks away last second. I don't get it, lol.
 photo IMG_0337_zps34eebeb2.jpg

Third time in as many days.
 photo IMG_0339_zpsda0af33d.jpg

 photo IMG_0345_zpsa1ce2bda.jpg

DJ Skratchmark, Wendell and Omar.
 photo IMG_0346_zpsadf6947f.jpg

 photo IMG_0348_zps40444373.jpg

Krystle with her baby, Alexa and Anikka.
 photo IMG_0350_zps01265648.jpg

The goods.
 photo IMG_0354_zpsb03d49c0.jpg

 photo IMG_0355_zps1dc14798.jpg

 photo IMG_0356_zps56589a8f.jpg

 photo IMG_0357_zps590bd11c.jpg

 photo IMG_0358_zps8df4451f.jpg

 photo IMG_0359_zps00e5ddd4.jpg

Went outside to Glorietta 3 Parkway to check out the food trucks and kiosks. I avoided the yummy Shawarma Bros because of THIS (can't get the vomit photo out of my head) so I ended up ordering from Hey! Fishy Fishy. Bayou please!
 photo IMG_0360_zps5d9bc3d5.jpg

A fried feast in a box!
 photo IMG_0361_zps1a0d908d.jpg

I tapped out even before I could finish my fish. Next time I'll bring honey mustard for the chicken!
 photo IMG_0362_zps6c7c3892.jpg

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