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| Posted in | Posted on Friday, August 02, 2013

The first Puma Outlet Store in the Philippines is now open for business! Visit Shell of Asia on NLEX (Manila bound) after Sta. Rita exit for some of the best Puma deals. Only 25 minutes from the Mindanao Avenue Exit! (Smart Connect Interchange)
 photo IMG_9878B_zps3a116bf4.jpg

Store walkthrough (click to play)

It's faster to drive here than to Makati/The Fort from Quezon City!
 photo IMG_9878_zps929f0d8d.jpg

 photo IMG_9879B_zpsacc30d46.jpg

Note the time!
 photo IMG_9879_zps62a9e08c.jpg

The best thing about this place? It doesn't feel like an outlet store!
 photo IMG_9880_zps8d911bae.jpg

Philippine Azkals gear.
 photo IMG_9881_zps1e3a72b6.jpg

I saw a Puma Social backpack top left (hidden) that I want!
 photo IMG_9882_zps35466f6d.jpg

The Leaping Cat.
 photo IMG_9883B_zps37a08afe.jpg

Tee, tees and more tees.
 photo IMG_9883_zpsc5b1bc7e.jpg

Footwear galore.
 photo IMG_9884_zpsc0453af8.jpg

 photo IMG_9885_zpse6686f2e.jpg

 photo IMG_9886_zps76fad8ed.jpg

 photo IMG_9887_zps943c0521.jpg

 photo IMG_9888B_zpsf1f33b3c.jpg

 photo IMG_9888C_zps5531bb60.jpg

 photo IMG_9888_zpse61f0168.jpg

 photo IMG_9889_zps4f04b150.jpg

 photo IMG_9892_zpsa2a29dba.jpg

 photo IMG_9898_zps06a1225f.jpg

Amor futbol.
 photo IMG_9900_zpsf876e387.jpg

Tonight's feature.
 photo IMG_9901_zps855c8a75.jpg

 photo IMG_9902_zps1f8f33e9.jpg

Photobooth fun!
 photo IMG_9906B_zpsf8bae01f.jpg

 photo IMG_9907B_zps93e0f64e.jpg

King Crux stamp of approval.
 photo IMG_9913B_zps046f6988.jpg

What up Alwin!
 photo IMG_9915B_zps7d311492.jpg

I applied to be one of the store's mannequins.
 photo IMG_9919B_zps169c4fac.jpg

She did too.
 photo IMG_9922_zps3895ef08.jpg

But then I moved 2 minutes into my shift.
 photo IMG_9923B_zpsf557c810.jpg

So these two landed the job instead. Hi Sam!
 photo IMG_9928_zps7c98e6d8.jpg

Oh you!
 photo IMG_9929_zpsb7e2359c.jpg

Candies and coins.
 photo IMG_9930_zpsae49c0d4.jpg

Up Dharma Down's Armi with the Puma Outlet Store NLEX army.
 photo IMG_9932_zps3efd85ce.jpg

Congratulations to all of you!
 photo IMG_9933_zpsb4d1ca14.jpg

Time for the ribbon cutting.
 photo IMG_9934_zps7206c57b.jpg

Nice smile.
 photo IMG_9936_zps3cdc18bf.jpg

It's officially open!
 photo IMG_9938_zps9b17541a.jpg

Now make it rain.
 photo IMG_9939_zps33232135.jpg

 photo IMG_9940_zpscb5a09c8.jpg

 photo IMG_9941_zps8badbad0.jpg

Check out Armi's feet.
 photo IMG_9943_zps63ae66b8.jpg

Thank you for inviting me, Thess!
 photo IMG_9944B_zps97cb79eb.jpg

Time for some refreshment. It's Britney, bitch!
 photo IMG_9945_zpscedee000.jpg

Time to win some prizes.
 photo IMG_9948_zps8b3fecf9.jpg

Winner number 1.
 photo IMG_9952_zpsbe54934d.jpg

Winner number 2.
 photo IMG_9954_zps862630d0.jpg

Winner number 3.
 photo IMG_9956_zps04fbea7b.jpg

Winner number 4. 
 photo IMG_9957_zps5252d2ca.jpg

Winner number 5.   photo IMG_9958_zps26f718cb.jpg

Up Dharma Down! (click to play)

One of my fav local bands!
 photo IMG_9963_zpsb0e7ed07.jpg

 photo IMG_9964_zps69765d05.jpg

 photo IMG_9965_zps47bd1e6d.jpg

 photo IMG_9969_zpse78798d9.jpg

 photo IMG_9973_zps8eac1ff6.jpg

 photo IMG_9976_zpsc35a00e2.jpg

 photo IMG_9978_zps856e9481.jpg

Them Some!
 photo IMG_9982_zpse143235d.jpg

Photo op with the band.
 photo IMG_9986_zps5d7c409e.jpg

The detail on the toebox, though.
 photo IMG_9988_zps1b20bacd.jpg

The lovely Ross Siccion with her Puma NLEX staff.
 photo JIMG_00053_zpsa2287b63.jpg

Thank you for the company!
 photo JIMG_00057B_zps36796289.jpg

Puma love.
 photo JIMG_00058B_zps7c5e6da7.jpg

We can't stop.
 photo JIMG_000510_zps5779672c.jpg

Now you know where to go for your last stop before heading back to Manila. Hurray for Puma!

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