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| Posted in | Posted on Friday, August 02, 2013

I wanted to watch The Purge after the Puma Outlet Store NLEX opening but my partner-in-crime chickened out so we went to Banana Leaf instead for some yummy roti then linked up with we Legendary and Puma at Prohibition. I knew it was gonna be a great night after they said yes (I finally got Mark to go!). Secret door, smoke-free and music I love listening to. Woot!
 photo IMG_0001_zps1a16a636.jpg

Thank you, Skratchmark and Thea!
 photo IMG_0002_zpsc8d58377.jpg

Whoa, KAWS IN MY CUP v2.0!
 photo IMG_0003_zpsd18603f6.jpg

 photo IMG_00052_zps1d1f488f.jpg

I wonder how many bottles are still unopened in the Philippines.
 photo IMG_00053_zpse2c3e956.jpg

Mark wL ordered a feast. (burger, chicken wings, pork chops, fish and chips plus a few other plates)
 photo IMG_00054_zps064eba28.jpg

Moi, Mav, Mark Calvo and Don Don tweeting grace.
 photo IMG_00059_zps3224f073.jpg

Real skate.
 photo IMG_000510_zpsbba332aa.jpg

A cameo by these hotties.
 photo IMG_0040_zps5fbb29d7.jpg

Call me DJ Pretend-A-Lot.
 photo IMG_0041B_zps92b7a552.jpg

I don't remember if this was before or after the alcohol hit.
 photo IMG_0044B_zpsa73a0c2b.jpg

My loves!
 photo IMG_0045_zps0e72f19a.jpg

 photo IMG_0046B_zps2dcb36b2.jpg

Miguel, Maria, Alexa and Thea.
 photo IMG_0047_zps3cfd8e90.jpg

One more time.
 photo IMG_0048_zps4c70e7b2.jpg

Thea and her cousins.
 photo IMG_0049_zps8a5716ab.jpg

My Puma family! ♥
 photo IMG_0050_zps66be59b2.jpg

Hi Thess!
 photo IMG_0051B_zps524e4fb5.jpg

Margaux made it. Woo hoo!
 photo IMG_0052_zps1e35751f.jpg

Words can't express how much I missed this woman! Let's do SunDAZED again soon?
 photo IMG_0053B_zps0c0c005c.jpg

Thea's cousin turnt up.
 photo IMG_0054_zps1361367b.jpg

I always have cute photos with Maria.
 photo IMG_0055B_zps42519474.jpg

 photo IMG_0056_zpsfdb7d066.jpg

 photo IMG_0057_zpsee656b9a.jpg

Arvisu represent!
 photo IMG_0058_zpse53eec7d.jpg

 photo IMG_0059_zps471caf45.jpg

Skratchmark killed it!
 photo IMG_0061_zps45cc07ea.jpg

 photo IMG_0062_zps366e2711.jpg

Damn, girl!
 photo IMG_0064B_zpscf4a4a80.jpg

They sat still until Jack D took over.
 photo IMG_0065_zpsb28d9850.jpg

When the real fun started.
 photo IMG_0066_zps11094763.jpg

 photo IMG_0067_zpscdb472ef.jpg

 photo IMG_0068_zps0b59ce78.jpg

Then we danced the night away.
 photo IMG_0069_zpsb8bb4641.jpg

Have you seen Margaux twerk? It's a sight to see.
 photo IMG_0070_zpsafbc34ea.jpg

Margaux has the best sunnies. Here's my John Lennon impression.
 photo IMG_0076B_zpsd6ec17ab.jpg

Tuuuuuuuurnt up!
 photo IMG_0078_zpscf8676f0.jpg

Chrizo Beats in the building!
 photo IMG_0081_zps5ba6ae4b.jpg

Two M's.
 photo IMG_0082_zps1f85b351.jpg

 photo IMG_0083_zpsc4be55f5.jpg

 photo IMG_0084_zps7d92fc12.jpg

Still dancing.
 photo IMG_0085_zps05ffcfb1.jpg

Tired yet?
 photo IMG_0086_zps93de856b.jpg

She wanted a photo with the we Legendary crew. * WINK *
 photo IMG_0087_zps8801f483.jpg

Time for FaceTime!
 photo IMG_0089_zpsa9c21bd6.jpg

These photos don't even show how much fun we had. You should have been there!

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